When a chimpanzee and an orangutan wander by on a dark night, you stop to notice. But that slick, computer-generated preview is a far cry from December 2015 when West Coast rain turned an already oppressive prison camp set built in Richmond, B.C., into a muddy canyon of iron. The apes are set to be […]

Asked by an investigator how the accident could have been prevented, according to the records, De Castro replied, “If Mr. It was no stunt. The scene was rehearsed several times before filming, and Sizemore and de Castro both attended a safety meeting the previous day, the records show. Cal/OSHA, as the lead agency, did not […]

The track is from its upcoming new LP — the group’s first new release since 2010. Rolling Stone called Halfway Home “vintage Broken Social Scene, filled with overlapping vocals, messy guitars, brass section breaks and a cathartic chorus.” The performers on hand included founding members Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning; Metric’s Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw […]

© The Associated Press, 2017 There’s no taming an adventurous spirit! Dandelion yellow has reason to be blue. Crayola announced Friday, National Crayon Day, that it’s replacing the colour dandelion in its 24-pack with a crayon in “the blue family.” The company says it will leave it to fans to come up with a name […]

The most, she says, are in Indiana. April 4th was selected because that’s when Orwell’s Winston Smith begins his forbidden diary as a rebellion against his oppressive government. “We thought maybe this would be a good way to engage the community rather than sit around and fume.” © The Associated Press, 2017 Well, what do […]

Superior Court Judge Daviann L. Ricardo Medina Jr., who said he acted in self-defence, pleaded guilty earlier this month to voluntary manslaughter. He was the voice of Deker on Power Rangers Samurai in 2011 and 2012 and also appeared in such shows as ER and CSI: Miami. Mitchell sentenced Medina after hearing emotional testimony from Sutter’s family […]

Jon appears in Winterfell, which he recaptured with the help of his stepsister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) last season. Close camera shots follow each character approaching a seat of power. The supernatural creatures and their undead army from The North have been shuffling towards the rest of the Seven Kingdoms at a glacial pace since […]

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a commercial success, many fans have complained about Zack Snyder’s dark, unrelenting vision for the characters. Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast reunites for 20th birthday For fans of DC heroes who have been frustrated with seeing Superman and Batman slog their way through the grim, colour-drained cinematic vision of director Zack Snyder, Whedon is what they’ve […]

Why aren’t things shifting?” A wider industry problem In February, Tegan and Sara published an open letter drawing attention to this year’s lack of female nominees and urged the industry to more actively consider women for technical jobs. “They’re often the ones simply fronting the whole operation.” A transitional period Hill Kourkoutis, a Toronto-based producer, takes […]

The Saskatchewan-born Cree singer-songwriter “has made her voice heard through her music, art, and activism, establishing herself among the ranks of folk greats such as Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan,” Greystone Books said in a statement Thursday. “But Sainte-Marie is so much more than a musician; she is also an entrepreneur, a pioneer in digital […]

“We chose Champlain as one of the stories and we mention that he made other voyages to North America and what has become Canada, and what we did was choose to focus on him establishing the first permanent settlement in what is Canada.” ‘Inevitably there are things left out’ English also pointed to the Parks Canada […]

Besides banning cellphones, the academy is adding a third balloting partner to the telecast, and bringing in PwC’s U.S. Ruiz, left, and Brian Cullinan arrive at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Boone Isaacs said in her email Wednesday that a third balloting partner with knowledge of the winners will sit with the telecast director […]