“The safety and well-being of everyone has always been at the heart of our concerns when organizing all of our events,” said Jacques Aubé, the executive vice-president and chief operating officer of Evenko, in the release. GRIP will have a quiet relaxation space set up, along with support workers, to help people who need it. In […]

Players will start by engaging their avatars, called Inklings, in four-on-four Turf War maps, where the goal is to cover more of the playing field with your team’s ink colour while preventing your enemies from doing the same. While Splatoon 2 doesn’t offer any major innovations over its predecessor, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Splat […]

Beiber performed in China in 2013 when media coverage centred on him stripping on stage in Beijing to reveal his bare torso, being carried up the steps of the Great Wall of China, and riding a segway, again shirtless, through the streets. It is not appropriate for Canadian pop star Justin Bieber to visit China […]

The arrests come while the Cavalia show was on a planned break. Possession of more than 50 grams of a drug may be punishable by death. Little information available Eric Paquette, spokesperson for Cavalia, initially told Radio-Canada on Thursday morning that he couldn’t confirm or deny the information. With files from Radio-Canada’s Thomas Gerbet He said later on Thursday that […]

If proved right, she could claim one fourth of the painter’s estate which is now in the hands of a public foundation, according to her lawyer Enrique Blanquez. (Manu Fernandez/Associated Press) According to judicial authorities, only five people —a judge, three coroners and an assistant— were allowed to oversee the removal of the samples out […]

She watches international fashion trends to keep up with what’s en vogue and then adapts the look to suit the needs of her Muslim clients, such as turning midiskirts into maxiskirts. Nabila Rezwan models pieces from Shahad Mahdi’s modest fashion line, Black Orchid. Uniqlo has launched a collection by British-Japanese Muslim fashion designer Hana Tajima that features fashionable […]

Fans complained on Twitter that the figure looked more like Lindsay Lohan or Shakira than Beyoncé. The wax Beyoncé sported wavy blond hair and appeared to be thinner and lighter-skinned than the Lemonade singer in real life. https://t.co/yoq8ZagqLL— @WhatsSleepTho Who made this wax figure of Lindsay Lohan dressed as Beyoncé for Halloween because someone needs to take […]

© The Associated Press, 2017 McCreery, 23, told North Carolina’s WTVD-TV in a statement that he has learned a lesson he won’t forget, adding, “I take gun safety very seriously.” The singer is an American Idol winner and North Carolina native. He was flying to Nashville, Tenn. Authorities told local media organizations that they found a […]

Police in Connecticut say more than 90 people were hospitalized during a concert featuring Chance the Rapper. Most of those charged were issued a summons to appear in court. Police say the crowd was apparently made up of people in their late teens and early 20s. Authorities say many were taken to hospitals for excessive […]

Heard was married twice more and had three children, one of whom passed away in 2016. Sad to hear of John Heard’s passing.— @elijahwood John Heard- what a wonderful actor. Briefly married Canadian actress In 1979, Heard was briefly married to Canadian actress Margot Kidder, known for her 1978 role as Lois Lane in Superman. […]

A report in the trade publication The Hollywood Reporter earlier in the week suggested that the stand-alone Batman film might not feature Affleck in the title role. for the stand-alone film. Affleck addressed rumours at Comic-Con in San Diego, Calif. Affleck said he would be an ape on the ground for Reeves. Ben Affleck says […]

“It was chosen to reflect an aspect of Diana, Princess of Wales’ official duties. (Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images) “I’ve tried to display objects from as many countries as possible and really showcase national craftsmanship,” explained Goodsir. She wrote letters here, read briefings and took care of other correspondence. Princess Diana’s dresses go on display in London, […]

“He was sort of at peace with the world. He will be remembered as one of Canada’s greatest frontmen.” The band was scheduled to perform a farewell concert at the Winnipeg Classic RockFest later this summer. Shields died early Friday morning in a Winnipeg hospital, where he underwent cardiac surgery, bandmate and close friend Jeff Neill confirmed. […]

“As people of colour and minorities in general are starting to get a voice, I think there’s a duty to force this discussion.” When asked about the negative reaction to the show’s announcement on social media, Tramble Spellman said she understands, but hoped “their concern had been reserved to the night of the premiere.” That […]