He was 89. Cohn went on to become a New York powerbroker and aide to Sen. S.I. He rarely spoke to the media and had no discernible political views. A former member of the board of the Museum of Modern Art, Newhouse had a major collection including works by Picasso, Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. […]

Trump says Puerto Rico mayors ‘want everything done for them’ “Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help,” Trump posted early Saturday. This is our responsibility.” I this it’s clear where the ‘poor leadership’ lies @realDonaldTrump Puerto Rico […]

But in 2002, around the time he was being named to the Order of Manitoba, he recalled that it had been his dream to become a doctor, not an actor. (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP) At the time, there was a secret quota system in place designed to severely restrict access to medical school for Jewish students. If […]

“All countries in the world are asking themselves how to deal with digital platforms that are mainly American, out of Silicon Valley.” The planned Canadian Netflix operation will be the first production house run by the company outside of the United States. “There’s no need for Netflix to open a Canadian production company in Canada just […]

He had been diagnosed with skin cancer last year. His grandparents had migrated to India from Ohio in 1916 and settled in Lahore, now in Pakistan. A memorial service will be held next week. He had schooling in the northern Indian hill resort of Mussoorie and later joined the Film and Television Institute in the […]

Trump tirades, love for Canada dominate discussion at Emmys The 90-minute show is now entering its 43rd season. © The Associated Press, 2017 Both actors recently won Emmys for their work, as did Kate McKinnon, who played Hillary Clinton on the show. It has grown so popular that it spun off the half-hour Saturday Night […]

The Vancouver-born child actor, who will celebrate his 11th birthday next week, said Friday he’s been working on a script that incorporates the flesh-eating living dead. “No. When asked to offer even the slightest hint of what it’s about, he leaned back in his chair. “This is the one I’m actually thinking of being a […]

Because it’s really, to be trite, a lot of fun. I wouldn’t want people to wait that long.” And third — but who needs another reason? “If you think because of political correctness you’re going to get anything different from J.B. Imagine the “uncomfortable situations he’s been in these last six years,” Schaffer said. (In […]

In his review, de Prada found that inside Sorrentino’s anti-clerical rants there was also a “docile admiration for the church.” Sorrentino doesn’t manage to penetrate the church’s mystery “but he manages to convey his own perplexity to the viewer, who will ask how it’s possible that an institution run by ambitious, lascivious braggarts could survive […]

The Invictus Games kicked off on Sept. 23. Closing concert features Springsteen The games are set to wrap up on Saturday night, when Bruce Springsteen is expected to perform at the two-hour closing ceremony, which is being held at Air Canada Centre downtown. (Chris Donovan/Canadian Press) Tory praised Prince Harry for founding the games in 2014 […]

We all pay taxes, and there’s a level of respect that’s missing,” he said. (Facebook) Mixed Media was one of the only retail shops open at Art Crawl’s inception, and used to stay open until 11 p.m. Most would prefer to keep the city’s hands off the event, but without some form of oversight, it’s wishful […]

She later wrote a book, The Bunny Years, to counter the view that Steinem portrayed in her article. (Gavin Bond/Playboy via AP) “He’s getting a disproportionate amount of credit for the sexual revolution,” said Zeisler, founder of the non-profit Bitch Media. I mean, that was his point.” Most offensive to Brownmiller was what she called Hefner’s […]

The single was released Thursday night. A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Sep 28, 2017 at 6:09pm PDT In an English verse on Mi Gente, Beyoncé sings, “lift up your people, from Texas Puerto Rico, dem islands to Mexico.” Beyoncé says on her website that she’s donating all of her proceeds from the song to […]

The club opened in 1966 and fairly boomed in Swinging London. In the 1980s, questionable credit practices to gambling whales saw Playboy lose its British gaming licence, and hopes for an Atlantic City casino were dashed when Hefner wilted under aggressive questioning from state gambling board officials. 20, 1967. The logo was emblazoned on the side […]