Ontario pitches new rules to crack down on ticket-scalping and bots ‘The whole system is rigged’: An insider exposes what stands between you and the ticket you want © The Associated Press, 2017 You’re doing it for the love of the money.” David Marcus, executive vice-president for Ticketmaster, said that was the point of the […]

Among his hits under his own direction was the 1963 The Nutty Professor, playing a dual Jekyll and Hyde role, transforming himself from a nerdy college teacher to a sexy (and conceited) lounge singer, Buddy Love, regarded as a spoof of his old partner Martin. I’m getting to those who probably don’t have the mentality to […]

Bad idea, badly done, not finished.— @pennjillette May I apologize without apologizing or mitigating to the people of Newfoundland. Jillette has also joked about “my people” on his podcast “Penn’s Sunday School,” saying when a person reveals they’re from Newfoundland, Canadians “just laugh at you.” The well-known skeptic also referenced his family’s origins in a […]

Gregory’s son, Christian, told The Associated Press his father died late Saturday in Washington, D.C., after being hospitalized for about a week. He was 84. Gregory was one of the first black comedians to find mainstream success with white audiences in the early 1960s. Louis to become a celebrated satirist who deftly commented upon racial […]

Deputy District Attorney Michele Hanisee had insisted that Polanski show up in court to face his fate. Polanski pleaded guilty to having unlawful sex with Geimer when she was 13. This combination photo shows director Roman Polanski in 2017, left, and Polanski at a California courthouse in 1977. Judge asked for solutions to end case […]

3, featuring performances and tributes from top entertainers. The decision came a day after the entire membership of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities resigned to protest Trump’s comments about last weekend’s demonstrations by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va. (The Associated Press) Other honourees include hip-hop artist LL Cool J, singers Gloria Estefan […]

And how do we deal with horror a lot of times? gallery housing the exhibit. Visitors to the museum said the collection took them right back to the days of the trial. Simpson’s murder trial — and the writing’s on the wall. “Just because something is upsetting doesn’t mean that it’s not worth talking about and […]

16 to 20, the mobile studio will be set up at cSpace King Edward, an artist hub and venue located in the King Edward School building on 29th Avenue S.W. (CBC) “One of the walls opens up into a stage for us to do gigantic shows for festivals and such so everyone can see the inside of a studio and what […]

Another filmmaker who will be shooting in Nebraska, Maria Dyer, said she plans to employ four cameras and a drone to capture eclipse footage, particularly the changing light over the state’s Sand Hills, for a forthcoming movie. One challenge will be adjusting camera settings to account for the change in exposure. Recent requests were denied because officials are focusing on the […]

He expressed his admiration of the Thinking Out Loud singer on multiple occasions and said he would like to tour with him.   Musical goals Mendes has long been a fan of Sheeran’s. Ed sheeran man, i really look up to that guy— Shawn Mendes (@ShawnMendes) August 19, 2013 To ever meet ed sheeran would honestly be […]

WorkSafeBC is continuing to investigate and has asked the local production company to conduct both a preliminary investigation, which was due Wednesday and a full investigation, due one month from the incident. Failed to stop It says during the first shooting of the scene, she continued driving beyond the planned stopping spot, continued down a second ramp and across […]

Robin Thicke’s girlfriend is pregnant, and their baby is due on the birthday of Thicke’s late father, actor Alan Thicke. April Love Geary made the announcement on Instagram on Thursday alongside a sonogram image. Judge restricts Robin Thicke’s contact with ex-wife, son More than 200 musicians support Blurred Lines appeal © The Associated Press, 2017 She writes […]

pic.twitter.com/8qGOlolpFy— @coffeespoonie © The Associated Press, 2017 https://t.co/GPyp4wtUmB— @AndrayDomise Regardless of Tina Fey’s intent, her irony and messaging fell short. It strikes me as willfully naive and privileged.— @tomandlorenzo I know she means well, but this is the worst possible take Tina Fey could have offered. I don’t care what you say.” She noted that […]