Did Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie seal Harvey Weinstein’s fate? “I had no warning,” Judd said. Weinstein first offered to give her a massage, then, when she demurred, asked her to give him one, she said. And I said, ‘You do that, Harvey. “Am I proud of that? The part that shames myself says, ‘No.’ The part of […]

Through her work, she redefines traditional materials and re-imagines colonized histories.”  Awije’jk, by Ursula Johnson, is a woven artwork made from black ash and sweetgrass. 9. An exhibition of work by all five of the 2017 shortlisted artists continues at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto through Dec. Johnson, born in Sydney, N.S., […]

Song use defended as ‘pretty legal’ The judge based the amount of the award on a hypothetical license fee that the party might have paid to use the song. He said the party purchased the music in good faith from an Australia-based library that had bought it from a U.S. “They could have said anything […]

I am still recovering.” Crystal Castles concerts scheduled for next month in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto have been cancelled. It has taken me years to recover from enduring almost a decade of abuse, manipulation and psychological control. Glass left Polaris Prize-nominated electro-rock duo Crystal Castles, pictured here in 2009, three years ago citing ‘a multitude […]

on CBC’s Radio One morning program. It was designed and built by Xwalacktun, a Squamish and Namgis artist. One of five drums played by Vancouver Canucks’ official mascot Fin. Earlier this month Neel sent a letter to the B.C. “For somebody who is not from an Indigenous community to be taking that space, it felt disappointing to […]

Herman said he has emails that confirm Huett was talking with an executive producer for Project Runway about a role on the series, which The Weinstein Co. An aspiring actress sued Harvey Weinstein’s former company to allege it was aware of the disgraced film mogul’s sexual misconduct dating back to the 1990s. “Based on what I […]

Choir! (John Sandeman/CBC) Toronto actors Pat Thornton and Grant Cumming took the stage to sing Poets. Thornton read a Facebook post he wrote the day after Downie’s death, saying the singer was his “person.” Toronto actors Grant Cumming (left) and Pat Thornton took the stage to sing ‘Poets.’ (John Sandeman/CBC) Thornton told the crowd he always […]

Fats Domino performs in public for first time since Katrina Fats Domino receives gold record replacements in New Orleans That performance was a highlight during several rough years. people respond to that goodness.” – Dr. The front double doors opened into an atrium with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and ivory dominos set in a […]

“It’s even managed to get in between ultra beautiful couples in Los Angeles,” Churchill said. “It’s just kind of gone everywhere.” American TV personality Lauren Conrad says she used The Once’s version of You’re My Best Friend as the first dance at her wedding. “My favourite band growing up was the Police… It dawned on me […]

You can read them on https://t.co/rryWmyXe7C— @BillOReilly O’Reilly also posted a note from Gretchen Carlson, whose lawsuit against Ailes led to his downfall. Huddy, who appeared with her lawyer Doug Wigdor, also settled harassment claims against O’Reilly, and said she wrestled with the idea of signing non-disclosure agreements. In one, she thanks O’Reilly for publicizing […]

Senate run Kid Rock claims criticism about his upcoming concerts is politically motivated The Detroit-area rocker has been teasing the public for months. Musician Kid Rock hints at U.S. Kid Rock told SiriusXM host Howard Stern, “Are you kidding me?” during an expletive-laden interview Tuesday. Kid Rock says he’s not running for U.S. Senate in […]

Condé Nast International says it is severing ties with Terry Richardson, the U.S. He said completed but unpublished work “should be killed and substituted with other material.” ‘It’s been a long time coming:’ mogul’s downfall sparks a ‘Weinstein effect’ of calling out harassment Condé Nast confirmed the content of the email Tuesday, but declined to comment […]

Guillaume resumed his career and travelled as a new spokesman for the American Stroke Association. His early years were spent in a back-alley apartment without plumbing or electricity; an outhouse was shared with two dozen people. “Relief comes from a source we cannot see but can only feel. Among Guillaume’s achievements was playing Nathan Detroit […]

Toronto actor Natasha Negovanlis, 27, took home the 2017 Fan Choice Award at the Canadian Screen Awards. The Carmilla Movie was financed in large part by fans: a third of the movie budget came directly from fans who pre-ordered digital copies. Now, it’s leaping to the big screen with a full-length feature film.  The low-budget […]