Alan Greenberg, a lawyer for Cosby, welcomed the “well-reasoned decision confirming that there was no defamation.” McKee sued Cosby in 2015, a year after the Nevada resident told the newspaper he raped her in a Detroit hotel room in 1974. Circuit Judge Sandra Lynch wrote for the three-judge panel. Prosecutors will retry Bill Cosby after judge declares mistrial in […]

LaBeouf, 31, received a year on probation from a Recorder’s Court judge in Savannah, where he was arrested July 8 while in coastal Georgia to film the movie The Peanut Butter Falcon. LaBeouf was spending a late night out in a popular Savannah nightlife district last summer when he became aggressive and began shouting vulgarities […]

board Harvey Weinstein ‘just one festering pustule in a diseased industry,’ pens Toronto filmmaker Sarah Polley “We wholeheartedly support those brave enough to come forward and speak out,” the institute said. “The film industry needs more women represented on every level, on and off screen. Several British lawmakers have also appealed for Weinstein to lose an honour […]

Deep cuts: The Drowning Machine, The Dire Wolf, Ocean Next ‘The struggle has a name’: Indigenous issues Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde, right, holds an emotional Downie as he is given an Aboriginal name during a ceremony honouring Downie at the AFN Special Chiefs assembly in Gatineau, Que., in December 2016. ‘Sing for the whole sea’: […]

Radio-Canada is re-evaluating its business relationship with the host and producer.” Meanwhile, the web page for Salvail’s Eric et les Fantastiques radio show on Bell Media-owned Rouge FM also disappeared. I just remember being berated and getting more and more anxious,” Berardini said, adding that Salvail then touched himself and also ran his hand through Berardini’s hair. “Now I started to panic,” […]

The news comes on the same day that another prominent Quebecer, media star Eric Salvail, was suspended amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Police investigation underway Radio-Canada has confirmed that Montreal police have opened an investigation into Rozon for an incident reported to have happened in Paris in 1994. I do not want to shame them,” Rozon said in his […]

“She was excited in the room, she was dazzled, she would laugh a lot, she would be grateful that we would be taking on her world…She’s not only an artist but educator and a voice for Indigenous people” The musical tells a story about the mistreatment of Indigenous people by police officers in 1970s Saskatoon, when some […]

A new British Library exhibition is tracing the history of magic to mark the 20th anniversary of the publication of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. With the orphaned boy wizard as guiding force, the exhibit opening Friday has broken records for advance sales at the London library. 28. With files from CBC […]

“It is a universal story told in an Indigenous way,” Jones said of the film’s exploration of child abuse.   Jesse Wente on the ‘golden age’ of Indigenous cinema “Indigenous people aren’t the only ones that are going to take something away from this. (TIFF) Unfurling as one continuous take in real time, Waru collects eight, interconnected 10-minute vignettes exploring the terrible […]

Heartbroken to hear of death of Gord Downie. Julie Payette said she is “terribly saddened” by Downie’s death.  “He dazzled us with his lyrics, his passion and his thoughtfulness until the very end,” she tweeted. And that’s why his last years were devoted to Chanie Wenjack and to reconciliation. Our hearts break on news of the passing of Wicapi Omani, […]

Gord Downie’s songs rich with Canadian sports history VIDEO: Gord Downie — Hockey fan Something familiar: Athletes remember Gord Downie Downie’s death touches many in sports world As Canadians celebrate Downie’s life and accomplishments, here are CBC Sports’ video montages from recent Olympic Games that were set to some of the Hip’s most memorable songs. The Tragically Hip frontman died […]

Quick also wrote Silver Linings Playbook, which The Weinstein Co. Tatum writes on Instagram Wednesday that he will not be developing anything with Harvey Weinstein’s former company, which has been embroiled in sexual harassment scandals over the past two weeks. that dealt with a boy dealing with the aftermath of sexual abuse. He calls for an […]

Band wishes him well A Tribe Called Red issued their own statement on Twitter about Campeau’s departure later that morning, saying collectives like theirs evolve over time and it’s common for people to come and go. Campeau said he wants to focus on advocacy, something he and his bandmates have done both with their music and in […]