Downie, who announced in May of 2016 that he has a terminal brain tumour, drew a standing ovation from the sold-out crowd of 20,384 in attendance at Air Canada Centre earlier in the game. In addition to being a multiple Grammy Award-winning artist, Drake serves as a global ambassador for the Raptors and is a […]

(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) “There’s an intellectual probity that I always find compelling to apply to Halifax, but it’s just the way one gets to view the same place at different angles,” said Norman. One notable exception is 1994’s The Bird Artist, a tale of love and murder set in coastal Newfoundland in the early 1900s that caught the […]

Rowling is launching a free online book club for fans and newcomers to her Harry Potter series. The online community “aims to surprise and delight those who have never read a Harry Potter book, as well as returning readers who want to join the conversation,” says Pottermore, Rowling’s digital publishing arm. The Wizarding World Book Club […]

Unemployment is high, and the health system has suffered. Chopra, who turned heads with her sweeping Ralph Lauren trench coat at Monday’s Met Gala in New York, said she feels it’s her duty to use her celebrity status to fight for worthy causes, especially violence against children. The aunty then forced her to have sex […]

She’s a strong woman and I know she’ll come out of this. Our family appreciates your prayers, love and support. She continues to tour and record regularly, but had to postpone shows last year after suffering injuries in a fall that required surgery. More recently, Lynn won two Grammy Awards in 2005 for her album […]

(Pablo Martinez Monsivais/The Associated Press) Colbert said on his show Wednesday he “would do it again” but “would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be.” “I just want to say, for the record, life is short,” Colbert continued. Trump referred to the program as “Deface the Nation” and later walked out on host […]

Teach them how to do my taxes.— @kellyoxford There are two kinds of people in the world: Good people, and people who get in the elevator before waiting for people to exit the elevator.— @kellyoxford If you can name 5 Kardashians but can’t name 5 countries in Asia, stick a knife in an electrical socket.— […]

(Facebook/Ellen DeGeneres) The trio took on questions about the importance of family, how to spell tequila and the height of the leaning tower of Pisa. (Facebook/Ellen DeGeneres) After her family members fell, Boglitch was left standing, but even she was dropped after failing to correctly answer how many shows Ellen stars in each year (the […]

I mean, c’mon, I’m actually having a hard time believing it. An Australian lawmaker said Friday he was stunned that he had grabbed the attention of stars of the U.S. television series Veep by laughing so hard at an episode of the political satire that he choked on his sushi and knocked himself unconscious on a kitchen bench.  .@GrahamPerrettMP […]

(MCC Ontario) The painting will be auctioned off later this spring. That process includes providing a full name, address and phone number, the name and address of the bidder’s bank, and a refundable $1,000 credit card deposit. Some people have already contacted the MCCO to pre-register to bid.  The new bidding process has begun and will […]

HBO confirmed last summer that the forthcoming, also-shortened eighth season will be the show’s last. See them all:— @GameOfThrones The sky’s the limit for the writers, who have been given free reign to explore prequels, sequels or other types of companion series.  Don’t expect to see anything soon, however, since HBO has no […]

The comedy team of the Russo brothers who directed the last Captain America film. A smirking Star-Lord. When the first Guardians of the Galaxy film burst onto the screen in 2014 it was a refreshing bubblegum-coloured blockbuster powered by irreverence, swagger and a killer soundtrack. Now we trade him for a race of genetically-engineered Space Yuppies named the Sovereign who act as if […]

Take the foreign world Tatooine, the desert planet where Luke and Anakin Skywalker lived when they were young. This is a world in a binary star system where the planet orbited around two stars that orbit each other (well, technically they orbit a common centre of mass). Yes, the lightsaber, the most iconic weapon ever imagined. I spoke with […]