It’s unclear if the photo of Two Rivers against an opponent will continue to be used in connection with the album.  Two Rivers wrestled around the world, including in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, during the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, and was renowned for his Mohawk hairstyle. His lawyer, New York-based Michael Graif, said Two […]

“The economics of clean energy are upon us. But for Jeff Skoll, it wasn’t dire warnings but rather optimism and the opportunity to empower today’s audiences that excited him about re-teaming with Al Gore for their new documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. 11 memorial site. Since leaving the online auction site in 2001, he’s created different […]

The video file, shared via Google Drive by a user on Reddit, has since been removed by Google for violating its terms of service.  HBO is no stranger to battling leaked episodes of its most popular show. The file is watermarked with the message “for internal viewing only,” reported The Verge, which called the episode […]

Steppenwolf founding member Goldy McJohn, whose roaring organ sounds and big hair brought a powerful presence to the group behind the classic-rock staples Born to be Wild and Magic Carpet Ride, has died. He was 72. McJohn’s given name was John Goadsby, but he picked up the nickname Goldy in the late 60s and decided to stick with it. ‚Äč  “They […]

Toni Cornell and OneRepublic sang Hallelujah on ABC’s Good Morning America. The two late singers were close friends, and Bennington was the godfather to Chris Cornell’s 11-year-old son, Chris. Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni Cornell sings ‘Hallelujah’ with @RyanTedder in honor of father and Chester Bennington. Bennington was found dead at his home on what would have been […]

The music video for the No. See You Again, released in March 2015, had held the top spot for just a few weeks, taking more than two years to surpass earlier, longtime record-holder Gangnam Style by K-pop star Psy in July. 1 hit song Despacito has become the most viewed clip on YouTube of all-time. Despacito becomes most-streamed track of all […]

Video shows a handcuffed Glover, his gray hair pulled back into a tightly-wound pony tail, being escorted out of a police precinct Wednesday night. Police described the victim, who lived in a shelter, as a level 2 sex offender. The stabbing happened in midtown Manhattan shortly before midnight on Monday. Police said the 55-year-old victim […]

It’s a further roll out of testing started in April. © Thomson Reuters, 2017 The issue has also become a big political topic in Europe, with French voters deluged with false stories ahead of the presidential election in May and Germany backing a plan to fine social media networks if they fail to remove hateful postings promptly, ahead of […]

She said Wednesday the property retains many historical touches and the owners maintained the gardens tended by Katharine White before her death. White penned Charlotte’s Web. A sunporch at the 44-acre saltwater farm where E.B. © The Canadian Press, 2017 In addition to Charlotte’s Web, E.B. A 44-acre saltwater farm in Brooklin, Maine, where E.B. The […]

Drake is set to open a new October’s Very Own store at Yorkdale Shopping Centre and the most fitting way to mark the venture is by rolling through the mall perched atop a Cadillac Escalade, obviously. Drake will perform with his OVO label mates at Budweiser Stage on Monday. At times, Drake stands on top […]

NBC plans on increasing the number of female directors on its shows. Emilio Flores/The Associated Press) Salke told reporters “there’s a huge drought in female directors, and we were determined to do something about that.” Similar initiatives have been launched in Canada to achieve gender parity in the industry.  TIFF began fundraising for Share Her Journey this year […]

The 23-year-old wrote a lengthy Instagram post late Wednesday saying he was grateful to his fans, but also wanted his life and career to be sustainable. The Stratford, Ont.-singer said the long world tour had made him appreciate his career and encouraged him to protect it from being derailed. Bieber accidentally struck the 57-year-old paparazzo in […]

Miami Vice is making a comeback.  NBC is teaming up with Vin Diesel to develop a Miami Vice television series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The classic cop drama from the 1980s is the latest television series to be revived after decades off the air. It’s also the first major TV reboot slated for the 2018-2019 television season. […]