In the statement announcing his departure, Hoggard admitted to objectifying women and said the way he has treated them has been “reckless and dismissive of their feelings.” But he began the statement by saying, “I need to be completely clear: I have never engaged in non-consensual sexual behaviour in my life. “My number one hope would […]

Please read:— @FirepowerRecs On Friday, Beetles was also dropped from Ephwurd, his dual-DJ partnership with Bais Haus. Canadian electronic music DJ Datsik has cancelled his upcoming performance dates — including shows in Toronto and Laval, Que. — after allegations of sexual misconduct against him arose on social media this week. E-tickets will be automatically refunded within a […]

The Met said its own inquiry found any claims of a Met “cover-up of information relating to these issues are completely unsubstantiated.” After conductor Leonard Bernstein’s 1990 death, Levine was regarded as the top American conductor, so widely known he was given a starring role in the film Fantasia 2000. It also says the Met wouldn’t […]

Wielding a silver shovel instead of a lightsaber, Star Wars creator George Lucas joined a handful of elected officials Wednesday in breaking ground on a billion-dollar museum dedicated to the art of visual storytelling. Lucas called on Spielberg to join him on the mound of dirt, directing his friend to give a thumbs-up to the cameras. […]

It hasn’t all been positive, but Renaud says she’s committed to delivering on her promise. “But a lot of people associate it with a Hedley song,” she adds. Hedley has been under fire since sexual misconduct allegations against singer Jacob Hoggard began surfacing in February. In the years that followed, Renaud says she maintained a […]

With files from Alison Chiasson “These panels were left unfinished, in my opinion, because the construction or the renovation of the Fatimid Palace was interrupted by the invasion of 1171,” Melikian-Chirvani told CBC Toronto. Among the objects are monumental marble reliefs from the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, luxury objects ranging from rock crystal and ivory to ceramic lusterware — a technique […]

Dumont said some people only recently started admitting they were Métis because they feared discrimination and others are trying to reconnect or discover their culture. We’ve proven it, beyond doubt. “I could’ve confirmed to them … church records and civic records that shows every generation,” she said. He’s a member of the Highlands Métis Nation, which describes itself as an association […]

Others have sought refunds.  Fans continue to show support at Hedley concert in Kitchener Hedley ticket holders finding inconsistent refund policies In an earlier statement on Twitter, Hoggard admitted to objectifying women, and said the way he has treated them has been “reckless and dismissive of their feelings.” He acknowledged that women can be harmed […]

Changing The Crown actors every 2 years is ‘really clever’ Netflix Inc. “Going forward, no one gets paid more than the queen,” Variety quoted Mackie as saying. The ongoing disparity between men and women is reflected in annual lists published by Forbes magazine. Foy earned multiple prizes for her performance, including BAFTA’s British artist of the year, […]

(National Geographic via Associated Press) For example, in a 1916 article about Australia, the caption on a photo of two Aboriginal people read: “South Australian Blackfellows: These savages rank lowest in intelligence of all human beings.” ‘It seemed to me if we want to credibly talk about race, we better look and see how we […]