Motorcycle crashed right into glass outside. Canada Place is now closed from Burrard Street to Thurlow Street. ‘From zero to really quick’ Nathan Kramchynski, who works on the seventh floor of Shaw Tower, said he was watching the stunts on the street below when he saw the crash take place. According to witnesses, a motorcycle crashed through the window […]

With files from CBC News © The Associated Press, 2017 There also appear to be leaked episodes of other lower-profile shows, including the Dwayne Johnson-led football comedy-drama Ballers, some from the unaired shows Barry and The Deuce, a comedy special and other programming. But their intrusion has so far fallen well short of the chaos inflicted on Sony when […]

(CBC) There is only one road connecting the festival site to the highway, but organizers installed a pedestrian bridge Saturday to help people get out of the site. Organizers of the electronic music festival in B.C.’s Southern Interior announced Saturday afternoon that all acts planned for Sunday had been cancelled. They said there is no threat to […]

They’re then permanently encased in UV-resistant plastic to help prevent further degradation. Comics sent to CGC for grading are judged based on multiple factors, losing points for wear and tear like missing staples, and torn or yellowing pages. Sensation Comics #1 marked Wonder Woman’s first appearance on a comic book’s cover. It’s not the first […]

In 2014, Flint switched water sources and failed to add corrosion-reducing phosphates, allowing lead from old pipes to leach into the water. “Ongoing challenges remain years later for Flint residents, and it’s important that we don’t forget our brothers and sisters affected by this disaster.” Mars, who was born and raised in Hawaii, performed at […]

It has given her 18 awards so far, and she is nominated for another four. Mars is being given the Visionary Award for his success in pop music. The award recognizes Cyrus for involvement with the ceremony for more than a decade. © The Associated Press, 2017 The show, which doles out many of its […]

Polish man arrested over U.K. © The Associated Press, 2017 I was in a crazy situation and I was terrified every minute. Ayling told the newspaper it was “hurtful” that some people doubted her story. I thought, ‘I’m not going to get out of here alive.’” Ayling was freed after six days when a captor […]

Nancy Odegaard, a conservator with the University of Arizona, leads the authentication process for the recovered painting. Curators at the museum that was home to Willem de Kooning’s Woman-Ochre spent years hoping to get it back after two people stole the painting the day after American Thanksgiving in 1985. They say the woman distracted a security […]

“He loved being a musician and he loved making connections with other musicians. Putnam was standing in line to pay for items at a general store when he heard someone say Presley had died. Putnam is scheduled to make a public appearance during Elvis Week to honour the late rock n’ roll pioneer. I thought […]

© The Associated Press, 2017 Tombstone was once a bustling mining town that became synonymous with the wild west following the shootout at the O.K. Its gunfight re-enactments are the big draw. He will also meet with fans and attend a birthday party for Holliday but he won’t participate in any gunfight re-enactments. Corral involving […]

The announcement was made at Thursday night’s Redblacks game against the Edmonton Eskimos in Ottawa. “It’s an absolute honour to return to the Grey Cup stage in the nation’s capital during Canada’s 150th birthday,” Twain is quoted in a media release about the upcoming Ottawa show. Country star Shania Twain is set to headline the halftime show […]

“From my perspective CNN caved on the First Amendment of all things. He said his “Sieg Heil!” tweet was not an endorsement of Nazism or fascist tactics, but was meant to mock Media Matters and its use of boycotts of advertisers of conservative voices such as Sean Hannity, which Lord equated with fascism. A network […]