The movie was followed up in 2002 with a film adaptation of Rice’s Queen of the Damned, starring Stuart Townsend and the late singer-actress Aaliyah. “Well, I have heard you.” The Vampire Chronicles novelist Anne Rice says her popular gothic series is looking for fresh blood — on the small screen. The film, which did well at the box […]

What if you have a dog who has been healthy for 12 years and has never set foot inside a veterinary [office], a sterile, beeping, stainless steel and tile, sort of scary place. Sled Dogs has been touted as the Blackfish — a documentary film that exposed the cruel treatment of an orca at San Diego’s SeaWorld — of […]

About $15 million of her funds were frozen by the courts. Millions in seized Impressionist art believed to have been owned by the regime of the former late dictator are the subject of a bitter legal fight. (The Associated Press) Prized works Of particular interest in the long-running, multi-jurisdictional case is an 1899 Monet from […]

Corre claims his punk collection was worth more than $8 million Cdn. That seemed to be the message Saturday when the son of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood set fire to an extensive collection of punk memorabilia on a boat in central London. Joe Corre claimed his collection of clothes, […]

Several dozen people gathered in front of Beaubien Metro Saturday afternoon to rally against the band Graveland, set to perform at the nearby Théâtre Plaza. A Montreal performance by a controversial Polish death metal band was cancelled after a protest led to security concerns. Boulerice said he was “concerned” that groups with fascist leanings and whose members […]

“Shepard, don’t move.””Won’t go far.”We love you, Ron Glass. Glass was also the voice of Randy Carmichael, the genial neighbour and father of four children in the popular Nickelodeon cartoon series Rugrats and its spinoff, All Grown Up. Words cannot adequately express my sorrow. Glass died Friday of respiratory failure, his agent, Jeffrey Leavett, told The […]

Came to the USA because of him,” Canseco tweeted late Friday. Cuban-born television host and model Daisy Fuentes didn’t hide her feelings on social media, posting news of Castro’s death with a party hat emoticon next to it and retweeting video of people celebrating in Miami. “He was very complicated.— @soledadobrien At the cost of dictatorship and […]

The series Celia, a Spanish telenovela that began in 2015 and that’s based on the life of late Cuban singer Celia Cruz, tells the story of her musical roots and leaving her homeland to establish a successful international career. Her story will be revived by Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, who is set to play Lorenz in the upcoming Sony […]

The song Rockin’ carries a bouncy beat that would fit perfectly in an early 1990s house mix. After he tinkered around with Daft Punk this summer and shed his trademark dreadlocks a couple of months ago, the Toronto performer’s third studio album dropped Friday. (Matt Sayles/Invision/Associated Press) Getting personal The lyrics might offer added insight […]

“Reading aloud to adults is something everyone would love. It dawned on her that after childhood, we don’t often get to hearing a story read aloud to us, so wouldn’t it be a treat to offer a special dramatic reading for adults? More than 25 years after Judy Maddren staged her first charity reading of […]

ski resorts open, or opening soon With files from the CBC’s Evelyne Asselin The Adrian Stimson painting features two bison on a modern Prairie landscape. Buffalo Boy is a key fixture in Adrian Stimson’s performance art. Alberta, B.C. He calls the off-grid initiative a form of environmental “activism.”   “Oil extraction, potash extraction, even agriculture […]

government. Seagal also has vocally defended the Russian leader’s policies and criticized the U.S. action film star Steven Seagal, calling it a sign of a thaw in relations with the United States. The 64-year old actor has been a regular visitor to Russia in recent years and has accompanied Putin to several martial arts events. […]

As the character usually did, Christopher’s appearance will be a bit contentious, Sutcliffe hinted. Seven years after the show’s original run ended, Sutcliffe says the Netflix reboot gives Gilmore Girls a chance to be more relaxed and provides the writers more creative freedom since they don’t have to work around commercial breaks. “I’m consistently reminded […]

A Trailer Park Boys line of marijuana products will be developed in partnership Organigram Onc.and TPB Productions in preparation for the legalization of recreational marijuana. “There’s a certain stigma that comes with the product right now, but I think that part of our job is normalizing that.”  “I think it will be fun, i think we have to […]