[Verse: Juice WRLD] Yeah, Speakin Of Money I Made It Off Of The Pills Im Faded My Songs On Her Playlist She Love It When She Play It Run Up On Me, That Choppa Gon Hit Him Get To Poppin Like That Nigga Zinnen Nigga You Gotta Be Kiddin I Got My Head And My […]

[Intro] Yeah [Verse 1] The very first time I heard Run in them Adidas I never would have thought one day I’d have a fever They used to say, “Nah, Dom, he is not no keeper” And “Yeah them songs cool, but naw he ain’t got no heaters” But then I went home (Shhh) we […]

[Chorus] The guys out here, they really are crookin’ They snatch gold chains when the cops ain’t looking But what can I say? Them bitches all up in my face, security Are you hearing me, clearly? It’s the place to be It’s the- [Kreayshawn] This is hot, oh, we outside the club I’m tryna get […]

[Hook: 6ix9ine & Hudson Flo] I’m breaking it down (stupid!) A scam, I heard that boy running around with the packs So I’m taking him down (yeah) Oh my gosh, they live by the cold (you fucking dummy) You know we ain’t making a sound (what) You thinking about playing around with my respect I’m […]

I might pull up in a Lamb Run up on your mans Pop a nigga like a Xan When I run up with my clan Niggas know me, 4 5 6, stay it Aim at your motherfucking fitted Nigga, we with it 30 cli in the smith Knock the nigga off his pivot Watch your […]

[Verse 1] Take me back to Georgia, back to Atlanta Funny how present turns past I might fly Priscilla out just for ‘Bana So mesmerized by that ass The way she moves it I can tell that she loves me Nigga can’t help but to touch Smack it ’round a bit then sip on some […]

[Hook: Papoose & *Angelica Villa*] I heard your heartbeat I heard your heartbeat I cannot wait to strap you down in that car seat I heard your heartbeat I heard your heartbeat I can’t wait to make your bottle; I’m you, you are me! All my ladies, listen up Never think of givin’ up Doc […]

[Intro] Holding your hand, taking a chance Holding your hand, and taking a chance (yeah) I’m not holding your hand, I’m not taking a chance I won’t say it again, I won’t say it again Ran out of drugs I feel like [Hook] Ran out of drugs, I feel like it’s the end I’m on […]

‘Cause I can’t seem to Yeah, they keep dancing to it on and on But they don’t understand the song Under the bad, bad moon tonight I just need to come clean Let me out, I’m trapped in a blur Started out the way I wanted but it’s weird now Let me out, I’m lost […]

I’m so crazy about mine [Outro: Juice WRLD] Did I say that out loud? I’m so crazy about mine I’m so crazy about mine [Verse 1: Juice WRLD] Going insane, feel you pickin’ up and movin’ things inside my brain I know I don’t have to argue about everything But we don’t have the same […]

Swish) So much money, damn it, I forget to count (You dig? Yeah) Look at my bank account (You dig?), look at the cash amount (You dig? Ayy, ayy Sippin’ hard, gun on me, no need for bodyguard Aim at your body parts, yeah, take off your body parts, yeah I’m swingin’ when I’m off […]

[Verse 1] I woke up, richer than yesterday I had to go get a check today All by myself no master bae Her baby got [?] That boy, he was talking yesterday He probably [?] to rest today I’m a put this shit together a faster way Would you want me to [?] Told that […]

flexing (fuck it up, damn) Young nigga flexing no 8 pack (uh!) [Chorus: Playboi Carti] Shawty in love with my drip, woah I get that drip, you get dripped, yeah 220 all on that rear, aye I get the drip, you get dripped I fucked that bitch, I’m a pimp I’m with Lil Boat, we […]

Who, who really with the Gotti, Gotti? Don’t say (yeah, yeah) BBA change your mood, aye, anyday Gotti Gotti, cookin’ up, speed it up Double cup, Xanny cup, booted up Mollied up, molly up, break it up Cop it, then I serve it up, give it up Gotti Gotti [Post-Chorus] Gotti Gotti Who, who really […]

Death is there She said “The world’s gonna die.” “You know, the world, the earth.” “Its gonna be over” And he said “well I never lied to you” You see I could explain sex in a minute but death I can’t explain Wanting to die since you ask most days I cannot remember I walk […]