I had to burn, I left skrt marks, I had to dip Gotta watch for 12, ’round my town you might get killed I’m out my mind, yeah I’m high, but I’m real You cop it live, boy I got it all on film [Chorus: Travis Scott & (Don Toliver)] No you can’t say if […]

30 pointers and up, Eliantte drippin’, my whole team wet [Chorus: Gunna] Ice on my neck, flawless baguettes Hop off a jet, barely get rest Cash through the month, I get a check Yves Saint Laurent on my pants and my chest Chanel, her dress, clean up her mess I eat her flesh, you know […]

[Intro] This is all [Chorus] Bad-bad news, I’m just bad-bad news Good thing, the two, Bonnie and Clyde The money and who? It’s bad news, bad-bad for you But I’m back on the coffee bean Anything in between (this is all, this is all) Back of the coffee line Back-back-back in the bathroom line (this […]

You already know who it is Ya boy, Big Tuck Freight Train Tuck Astroworld is now in session, ya understand? [Intro: Big Tuck] What’s crackin’? I’m the dean of this here I got this [Verse 1: Travis Scott] Yeah, yeah Parked at the Days Inn, ain’t takin’ no days in (yeah) Don’t need a vacation, […]

[Intro] I might need me some ventilation A little vacation, Houstonfornication Mind redefine new renovations Space coupe back out of the space station Float around town, do that on the daily [Verse 1] How I’m supposed to feel safe, twelve live adjacent (twelve) Yeah, crib built like a prison where that bitch is gated (yah) […]

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire We don’t need no water Let that motherfucka burn! [Verse 2] Baby I got A-D-D, a delicious dick And I’m ready to act a fool in this bitch This chico stay slick, this chico stay lit Imma change my name to Mr. [Bridge] Go DJ, Go […]

Revenue touching my palms [Outro] Damn, Denaro Half a million just to ride foreign If you ain’t getting money, what you on, on? Got some racks and keep a loaded gun Gunna Gunna, I’m a young Don Too many losses, yeah a nigga won She take that molly, drink that Sean Don Fly that private […]

[Intro] Oooh, yeah, yeah I put my feelings on safety So I don’t go shootin’ where your heart be ‘Cause you take the bullet tryna save me Then I’m left to deal with makin’ you bleed [Pre-Chorus] And that’s a whole lotta love, ain’t tryna waste it Like we be runnin’ ’em out and never […]

I’m coming to you now doin’ 20 over the limit The red light, red light stop, stop (skrrt) I don’t play when it comes to my heart, let’s get it though [Chorus: Adam Levine & Cardi B] Girls like you Girls like you (Cardi) Girls like you I need a girl like you, yeah yeah […]

Bardi, Cardi Come and rev it up like a Harley, Harley Why is the best fruit always forbidden? [Verse 1: Adam Levine] Spent 24 hours, I need more hours with you You spent the weekend getting even, ooh We spent the late nights making things right between us [Refrain: Adam Levine] But now it’s all […]

Yeah that’s what my fans bring They make me happy like I’ve never been before That’s why I keep it real when it’s time to hit record (Always) You see I’m loving life and everybody in it Living everyday like tomorrow is forgetting Wishing for the best but the best isn’t guaranteed That’s why I […]

Or would it change cause a part of me was present? I guess I’ll never know so I’m stuck with all these questions I grab a bottle then I drink away To take the pain away from all these broken yesterday’s I grab a bottle then I drink away Erase the pain so I can […]

I don’t know I don’t know if it’s worth it Is it worth it? Are you giving up? Are you wise enough? I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know [Verse 2] No one can see them The angels and demons Are testing how low you’ll go The sunsets and sunsets As dark as […]

When my grandpa died I feel like I was outta location God damn But yo niggas can tell this my diary, a blessing My mum said your skin get thicker with lessons Introduced me to the greats and started blowin up sessions A wild crazy kid went home, lookin for chess and I played the […]

[Verse 1] You’re a picture perfect page Paper romance for a face Yeah, I’m a lucky star And my wish won’t come true I’m about to fall apart Wish I held your rhinestone heart But you would never open You would never glow for me [Pre-Chorus] You’re with another girl I’m never getting out You’ll […]