Baby, do you trust me? Do you trust me? Baby, do you trust me? Got the streets in a lock I’ma make you love me [Verse 2: Ty Dolla $ign] Tote that Glock, lil’ homie, get yo guap You my son, lil’ nigga, I’m yo pops I’m on top, lil’ bitch, gimme props Talkin’ charts, […]

Hmm A short leash and a short fuse don’t match They tell me it ain’t that bad, now don’t you overreact So I just hold my breath, don’t know why I can’t see the sun when young should be fun [Pre-Chorus] And I guess the bad can get better Gotta be wrong before it’s right […]

[Verse 1] 3AM and all my friends are looking at me sideways Give me a minute Maybe I’m too drunk and I’m not doing this the right way But let me finish I’m so happy that you’re happy with her (wait, that’s a lie) Almost called you, tried to text you like a million times […]

[Verse 1] Someday we’re gonna look back on a night like tonight The car I pulled up in, the necklace you’re wearing won’t even cross our minds Someday we’re gonna blink twice, say it happens like that How much money we saved up for the time that we gave up Well, it’ll all just be […]

[JENNIE] Tteonaji ma just stay Jigeum I siganeul meomchun chae Neowa hamkkeramyeon nan I could die in this moment [ROSÉ] Forever young Forever young Forever young Forever young [JISOO] Neoui nune bichin naui moseubi Neul cheoeum mannan geu nalman gatgil Sori eopsi taoreuneun bulkkotgachi Majimakcheoreom nae ip matchugil [ROSÉ] Dalbit arae nae maeumeun seolle Eunhasuro […]

[Verse 1] Vinnie Paz The rain is gods tears, it pours when he cry But know that you welcome in his arms when you die The rain is the form of a gas in the sky That bring back life to a plant when it’s dry The rain purify and wash away dirt And wash […]

I called her back and said I’m sorry that I don’t say it enough See I don’t put up a front I just say what I want, nigga Never let a nigga tell me I couldn’t stunt Pro black but this twink white I’ll sign if the ink right Two cribs, I can sleep twice […]

[Introduction: Ariana Grande] Got a bed, wit’ your name on it Wit’ your name on it Got a kiss, wit’ your name on it Wit’ your name on it [Verse 1: Nicki Minaj] Thousand on the sheets Waiting for you and some thousand other sheets I got Tha Carter III on repeat Back shots to […]

[Chorus] It could be love And we could be homies And once you get to know me I could be your one and only I could make you unlonely Oh, we could take it slowly And we could keep it lowkey I could be your one and only I could make you unlonely [Verse 1] […]

[Verse 1: Luke] Some things are meant to be secret and not to be heard So if I tell you, just keep it and don’t say a word Yeah, when the doors are all closing, it’s bound to get loud ‘Cause all these bodies are hoping to get addicted to sound [Pre-Chorus: Luke] Oh, not […]

[Chorus: Luke] I woke up in Japan Feeling low, feeling lonely The best I ever had It was more than half empty I woke up in Japan Feeling low, feeling lonely The best I ever had It was more than half empty [Verse 1: Luke] It was more than just a neon weekend Light slipping […]

[Verse 1: Luke] Find me at a quarter to three, cigarette in hand I’d be at every party, I wouldn’t miss a chance New friends again and again, gone when the morning comes Demons I try to defend, but I couldn’t get enough [Pre-Chorus: Luke] Fading away, fading away Wake up to someone with nothing […]

[Verse 1: Luke] There’s me and you all living in the same place Why do we feel alone? Like I’m standing behind the door I just wanna get back to us ‘Cause we used to have more And all the things that we dream about They don’t mean what they did before I just wanna […]

[Verse 1: Luke] Here I am waking up, still can’t sleep on your side There’s your coffee cup, the lipstick stain fades with time If I can dream long enough, you’d tell me I’d be just fine I’ll be just fine [Chorus: Luke] So I drown it out like I always do Dancing through our […]

[Verse 1: Michael] Demons hide behind my back And I can’t see them, one, two, three, four Leading me to do their dirty work Won’t let them knock down my door [Pre-Chorus: Michael] The stupid truth is I’m so bad for you [Chorus: Luke/All] Oh-no-no-no, I can’t take it Oh-no-no-no, I won’t break your heart […]