[Hook] Fifty five hunnit for a new pair of tities I’ll buy ’em like Jordans Give her a couple of thousands now she feelin’ important Dick her down she’ll be gone by the morning She got them ass shots that I like Pop a Addie we’ll be fuckin’ all night She say she got amman […]

It’s hard the times we’re living in We all have hopes and wishes and I wish you were with me tonight I fought and tried to deal with it But this time apart is no way to live ‘cause when you’re around I feel just right Sing to You, Sing to You But it’s too […]

So far out I’m floating I’m feeling so far away from you, my darling Pacing around the house Waiting for you to call As if it would be enough to make me happy Just for a minute Will your voice make me feel better Just for a minute Can I stand you telling me that […]

Tell me, Is she the one you loved so madly? I can see you’re in pain Johnny, you just can’t take it so badly This life it’s just a game Hey, could you tell me, Little Johnny, Who do you give your love to? Hey, Johnny, How can you always be laughin’? Little Johnny, I […]

There’s nothing else I’d rather do Than spend my afternoon with you Things in my life, so very few – Lonely nights, days spent with you My pillow smells of your perfume, Dreaming through this afternoon Sun on my face, bright in my room I pose for him; I pose for you Out the window, […]

On down the road, there’s strangers stalkin’ On the porch, he sees them walkin’ Bucket full of old saliva, you cross the line an’ he’s gotcha They call him ol’ Hawk Eyes He call you his prey Iron in his holster Eyes a watchin’ night and day If I were you, I’d keep on walk, […]

This wine is good – I think I’ll drink it all Hand me over to the authorities I’m in Hell, stuck here thinking I don’t know what to make of all of this If I could sleep under this waterfall With the burden of time passing by Here, alone, the fault is all my own […]

[Hook] A bird with the word came to me The sweetness of a honeycomb tree And now I look what’s taking over me Couldn’t fake it if I wanted to I had to wake up just to make it through I got my patience and I’m making do I learned my lessons from the ancient […]

I know, in the morning The sunlight cover your wounds But I’m hoping that I look the same as the way you always knew Baby, your course, I flew But I’m not over what we had Don’t it feel like it’s been far too long, girl? Your heart don’t stand a chance [Chorus] Ooh, champagne […]

(feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Intro] Yes, lord, yeah [Verse 1: Anderson .Paak] Tried to tell niggas, in 2012, nigga Working hand to hand and no avail Volume one was too heavy for you frail niggas So I got leaned like codeine and pills It’s the visionary, in the vintage Chevy It’s been a while […]

Nie wiem co mi gra w tej duszy, ale muszę bis W życiu przecież chodzi o to żeby głównie żyć, co nie? [Intro: Taco Hemingway] Patrzyłem na ciebie przez szyby, pukałem do ciebie przez szkło Pisałem do ciebie niewinne DM’y, to jeszcze nie to Na oczy to ledwie już widzę, w Warszawie jest wszędzie ten […]

Lil Yachty & AJR) [Verse 1: AJR] I’m a good pretender Won’t you come see my show? Won’t you come see my show? Now I’m just like you Now I’m just like you [Chorus: AJR & Lil Yachty, & Both] I’m a good pretender I’m not really cool (okay) ‘Cause I’m just like you ‘Cause […]

[Chorus] I come back to life They trynna kill me with their words But that ain’t gonna work though I come back to life Somebody let them know They might have gotten close but I come back to life, yeah I come back to life, yeah [Verse 1] They tryna to kill me but they […]

Any kind of pain [Verse 3] Bout the year Drizzy and Cole dropped Before K.Dot had it locked I was sleeping on the floor, newborn baby boy Tryna get my money pot so wifey wouldn’t get deported Cursing the heavens, falling out of orbit Tryna roll this seven, tryna up my portion What about your […]

[Verse] High up on your throne you see the world around you You see everything unfold, you see everything unroll Blessed with all you know, cursed to stay on standby You’re never all alone, and yet always on your own [Pre-Chorus] One hour of space, one hour of strife One hour of pain, one hour […]