Oh woohowoho! Ahon Waraynon! Santiago Artist: Chan Kris Ahon Waraynon! [Chorus] Tindog Tacloban! Tindog Tacloban! Tindog Tacloban! Song writer: al Francis B. [Verse 1] Ang pighati na dinanas Siyang nagpa tibay ng katauhan Ang pagasa’y natatanaw, Kaya’t bumangon ng tuluyan… Hmmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmm oooooh! Ahon Waraynon! Ahon Waraynon! [Chorus] Tindog Tacloban! Ahon Waraynon! [Verse […]

[Verse 1] He is a warrior without a war to fight A painter without a canvas A singer without a song to sing A dancer without a dance A runner without a race to run A hero without a life to give A writer whose pen has all dried up Whose love does he deserve? […]

(repeat chorus) Mula noong tayo ay magka kilala Hanggang sa punto’ng naging tayo na Pinilit kong limutin at burahin saaking ala-ala Mga masasayang nakalipas na tayo lang dalawa’y magkasama Pag mamahalan na wagas akala ko’y wala ng wakas [Chorus] Bahaghari Sa aking puso Nag liliyab Ang damdamin… At noong mawala ka saaking piling Napaka sakit […]

Real nigga, section 5, black sistaz A nation will grow no higher than its women, so the hood will not conquer success without its black queens, support the black sistaz will lead to petrichor Black people stay silent because there are A welcoming nation ‘’Le peuple noir ne garde pas silence parce qu’Il A peur, […]

D Money comes to me, death walks me with me Finger scratch mcs, blood spill in my whine I drink poison viciously But I’m still alive My chest pumping out my blood, cuz I’m getting rid of parasites You can run, but you can’t hide You get stock in the corner, no matter what your […]

Was it just the night or was there something that we just couldn’t refuse And oh this love it starts to fade when the lights come up in the day And oh this love it starts to fade when the lights come up in the day Cos we got that wasted love that wasted love […]

I’ve been driving downtown, looking for our place Don’t remember where I died, that smile on your face Guess forever is forever only If I hold you to it Guess forever is forever only If I make you do it Here’s knife stab me right in the back It’s ok let’s just say its needless […]

Feels like I waited so long To exhale Yet within your kiss I find relief Where love once had left me Gasping for air I breathe so clear When you’re with me No I never ever Felt this way before I swear not ever ever This is so brand new to me Where I was […]

Tell me what I’ve been doing wrong for 16 years and nothing to show for it This television set, won’t judge me like the outside does I’m not a pessimist, I’m just a “safer to stay home” activist And I’d rather cheat my death than die in a free for all I spend my summer […]

Tell me everything; you swear you’d never tell him? And cover your tracks, girl, tonight you’re someone he’ll never know I want to counter the silence and reimburse it with violence So I can watch you burn So tell me everything; you swear you’d never tell him? And cover your tracks; he’ll never know the […]

In dying light, she’s fragile and weeping And she was sleeping on foreign sheets again “Spill your heart but not your head” With your bruises mapped on skin like continents Just don’t wake up… I’m staring at you through thick glass, it won’t last You feel like a poltergeist As pale as the snow on […]

I put myself on the line To give you all that was mine But you change like the wind in the weather I’ve drowned myself in the deep, so take a moment to breathe And I tell you… How you put the thorns back in the roses Now we’re living alone like trees without branches […]

[Chorus] Lord I love to be with You in the morning Lord I love to be with You all of the day Lord I love to hear Your voice speak to me ‘cause I know You are the way [Verse] In You I’ve found a joy that never ends In You I’ve found for sure […]

[Verse 1] He who is and is to come And evermore shall be First and Last Lamb of God Life and strength to me From age to age unchanging You are Majesty [Verse 2] Adonai El-Shaddai More than more is He El-Elyon Lord Most High God eternally From age to age unchanging You are Majesty […]

[Intro] Here we are in Your Presence Oh Lord We’ve gathered in this place to offer up our praise to You A holy nation a people chosen for Your name With one voice we lift our hands and say [Chorus] We bring You praise this day Lord Most High alway We’re bearing Your name and […]