Haba [Verse 1] You’re the one I want oh Before my liver start to fail You’re the one I need oh Before cassava start to hail And if I ever leave oh Make water carry me dey go Far away, far away [Pre-Chorus] So I am looking for a sister Chioma my lover She get […]

[Intro] I will always love you Yeah, yeah, I will But if I ain’t thinking of you What else could you want from me? You broke my heart so I’m sorry if I sound honest [Verse 1] You can try try and I promise that I won’t come back I mean would you go back […]

[Hook] West coast, west coast, west coast to the max West coast we the best coast, that’s facts I’ve been all around the world and I just wanna tell you that I’ma always wait, pick up before your flight [Chorus] California dreaming, california dreaming I’ve been dreaming California dreaming, california dreaming On a california king […]

[Verse] No I don’t miss him anymore I’ve been thinking ’bout him? Nah I change the subject now let me tell you the plot Got my fist up for my sisters who ain’t settling for less I know I’m the best You ain’t gotta, you ain’t gotta, you ain’t gotta love me back You ain’t […]

[Verse 1] She puts her spirit in a nightcap She always knows where the crowd’s at She puts her mouth round the cigarette I put it out cause she likes that She always dance when it’s raining Hey when’s it startin’, baby She looks at me like she’s waiting Making time go slow when they […]

[Intro] I’ve done this before Not like this [Verse 1] I don’t drink to get drunk I feel all the right funk If there’s something I want I’ll take all the right wrongs Now, I’m gonna stay in my zone I’m tired of picking that bone And I can’t be bothered To fight it no […]

[Verse 1] She got, she got, she got Her own reasons For talking to me And she don’t, she don’t, she don’t Give a fuck about what I need And I can’t tell you why Because my brain can’t equate it [Refrain] Tell me your lies Because I just can’t face it [Chorus] It’s you, […]

[Verse] Now that I’m on the edge I can’t find my way, it’s inside of my mind of mine Open up and see what’s inside of my, my mind Open up and see what’s inside of my, my mind

[Verse 1: Zayn] Oh you and I, in the same place Show me in the same light, feels right when we take flight Clothes off cause she’s so soft This ain’t a fair fight, yeah, wanna shed light on the subject I’ll get her wetter than ever Four letters are never the question She likes […]

[Verse 1] Climb on board We’ll go slow and high tempo Light and dark Hold me hard and mellow [Pre-Chorus] I’m seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure Nobody but you, ‘body but me, ‘body but us Bodies together I’d love to hold you close, tonight and always I’d love to wake up next to you […]

Sheep to the radio, we fooled and surprised They ain’t never loved me, it’s bullshit and lies Won’t you recognize All the real gold gets stole by design That shit in your mind Off a nigga head for these nickels and these dimes Niggas ticking with the times Getting crippled up by the crimes Niggas […]

[Verse 1: Charlotte Day Wilson] Don’t blow me off so I can’t help it When you shy off I can’t help it And I know you know it’s wrong but I’m ready So just rid yourself of him and come get it [Pre-Chorus: Charlotte Day Wilson] Got you enticed from the middle You know I’m […]

[Intro: Frank Ocean] Yeah, yeah, oh Yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Frank Ocean] That’s the way everyday goes Every time we’ve no control If the sky is pink and white If the ground is black and yellow It’s the same way you showed me Nod my head, don’t close my eyes Halfway on a slow […]

[Intro] American love, American me, American you American tear, American heartbreak, oh, oh, oh [Verse 1] I took a walk with the palm trees as the daylight fell Sangria in a canteen, talking to myself (I can’t remember) This tattoo on my left hand is turning purple-ish blue Daydreams of the romance, daydreams of you […]

[Skit: Rosie Watson] Stop thinking of this as being money It’s just money, I’mma make more No, no no no no no Please decondition yourself It’s not just money It’s happiness It’s the difference between happy, being happy and sad It’s the difference between having a home and living on the streets That’s what it […]