October 2018

[Hook] Mmm, I ain’t your type Mmm, wake up on the same damn fights Mmm, it ain’t that deep Mmm, trust me don’t jump It ain’t that deep [Verse 1] No small talk All big convo Need mine pronto Chase that down like that all-white Bronco I just want a bag she just wanna follow […]

Word up Anything I say I can stand on it I learned from a kid you gotta stay down I found out every bird don’t fly, once I took the work on a Greyhound You niggas is straight clown, fake beefin’ I should call you niggas actors Make sure it was sealed tight enough so […]

[Verse 1] City night White on white In your eyes Steals your gaze Anything Before it steals away [Verse 2] [?] On the wires Set on fire Take each [?] Between us Takes us all away [Chorus] Sorry sometimes I get carried away [Bridge] Up on the movie screen Black beauty limousines for you These […]

[Verse 1] I always say what I’m feeling I was born without a zip on my mouth Sometimes I don’t even mean it It takes a little while to figure me out I like my coffee with two sugars in it Nike shoes and my hoodie fitted Always have my hair tied up (hey, hey, […]

God damn maybe I am a little paranoid Cause I can feel it getting harder to breathe I really don’t know when it began to be unbearable But now it’s sickening me Because the world keeps burning And they keep turning the page They love the drama So pardon me if I don’t give a […]

[Verse 1] Not a damn thing changed All the boys that grew up back-to-back still do the same things Now they’re rewarding our records But we still do the same things I’m just spittin’ words out my mouth I made it, I still don’t know how Damn it, my stage show can light up the […]

[Chorus] Whole lot of racks on you Whole lot cash on you Whole lot of racks on you Whole lot of cash on you Whole lot of racks on you Whole lot cash on you Whole lot of racks on you Whole lot of cash, uh-huh Whole lot of racks on you Whole lot cash […]

Baby girl [Bridge: Soulja Boy] You know that, I pull up and I’m killin’ You know that I’m full forgiato whippin’ You know that I’m out gettin’ money, whippin’ Baby, I don’t know why you trippin’ [Chorus: Soulja Boy] You know I had to flex for the summer Blew a bag in Bennihanna Baby girl, […]

Zaytoven I know and I can’t take it back I hurt you, gon’ beat it up Say what you want But don’t say it’s over Call me out my name Just don’t say you over me We made need a break Just don’t say it’s over It might take some space But girl don’t say […]

Every story got more than one side Today I’mma tell you my side I hurt you, you hurt me Even exchange, listen She ain’t tell ya I let her push the ‘rari She ain’t tell ya I never told her sorry She ain’t tell ya she let me hit her partners She ain’t tell ya […]

Give me some (Yeah) Come back, send me drum, banana, ugh Catch a contact, Met Gala, Kanye, one Come back, run that, run that, ugh Fuck her first, then you pay the rent (Smash) Shit don’t make no sense (No) Fourth down, I need every inch Now we first and goal, bitch (Biatch) Now it’s […]

Pop out If you a bad bitch, say “Ow” What’s up now? Huncho (Lights out) [Pre Chorus] Go dumb go stupid (Lights out) Break it down like a blueprint (Lights out) Pipe it up, it’s a movie (Lights out) Lights out and it’s boomin’ (Lights out) Hey, she hit the baddest (Lights out) Four-door on […]

(racks, cash) Who got the biggest bag in the room? (bag, bag) Who got the biggest bag in the room? [Intro: Lil Yachty] 30, you a motherfucking fool, nigga I was 22 when I first dropped (duece, duece) Most influential dude when I first dropped (uh, true story) The bando named a new spot (bando) […]

(Bad) You the one who split the guap with your team, huh? Make them dollars out the street, huh? Tsunami warning [Chorus: Quavo] You the one that’s tryna keep your business low-key, huh? (huh?) You the one that’s having your main nigga Can’t get no sleep, huh? (Who?) Gang-Gang (Who?) Got a new crib, with […]

(Yeah, yeah) How ’bout that? How ’bout the whole gang get freaks? How ’bout we run the whole scene? How ’bout the whole gang get freaks? (Yeah, yeah) How ’bout that? (Strong) Drippin’ and dabbin’ (Dab) Didn’t take me long (Drippin’) You gotta practice to beat me homes (Oh) Just keep askin’, put me on […]