July 2018

I tried to understand As I walked to let you be But oh how I would give For you to turn and live Each and every day with me. Someone I never had? Here we are Here we are Uuuh, here we are Here we are Here we are Here we are Uuuh, here we […]

I, I’m not the one who said that we would end, I, I’m not the one who said I had enough I, I’m not the one who said I’m giving up, So, don’t cry out for me you’re the one who made me leave. [Repeats] I, I’m not the one who said that we would […]

CHORUS: (I want you over my skin) ‘Cause I like it when you touch me (I don’t know where to begin) Do nasty things and you don’t judge me (Say it again and again) You got that something that undoes me (I want you over, over, over, over and over) Oh yeah, I want you […]

[Intro] Summer starts now [Verse 1] I love your heartbeat givin’ me rhythm And I can feel your frequency, so unique In other words, such a freak, set me free [Pre-Chorus] I wanna be, wanna be I wanna be, I wanna be your— [Chorus] Soulmate, for the night Let me put my soul on you, […]

Going to be covered in dust You came all this way for a door Watching others break it down Now I see what you came for, lover All and nothing aren’t the same score I thought you got all you came for O-oh. Is it gonne be right tis time? Easy is overdone Overdone Is […]

And I love what you do Don’t you know that you’re toxic? Don’t you know that you’re toxic? [Chorus] With a taste of your lips, I’m on a ride You’re toxic, I’m slippin’ under With a taste of a poison paradise I’m addicted to you Don’t you know that you’re toxic? [Verse 2] It’s getting […]

Or keep your eyes on the road and live in the familiar without you and I [Bridge: MadeinTYO] [?] Prada on my [?] Gucci store run it If they got it I don’t want it Pull it back like an orange I just need the foreign This that Ralph with the Lauren Why you looking […]

[Verse 1] She set my ’94 four door Ford on fire today So I took her favorite pair of diamond earrings and I pawned them away So she walked in the kitchen full of dishes and she broke every plate She might be the death of me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way […]

I said I’m sorry Lar’ but I just don’t carry that kind of cash Not since the great depression and that whole stock market crash He said okay I understand, I’ve picked up on your clue and that was that and Larry and the whole team off they flew Oh ooh oh So, I just […]

And I said I’m fine (he’s fine) I say I’m fine (so fine) I say I’m fine (he’s fine) I say I’m fine (so fine) I say I’m fine. I am falling to pieces in the dugout of my middle school Bathe the new life and bathing in my own spit and drool As I […]

We’ll start again in a moment of silence Still couldn’t be friends, but I want you to find me when I make sense Man, ’cause this already hurt you back then Come, come Try to stay ’cause this already hurt you Back then, so far behind you I feel free, and I want you to […]

Hello, hello, hello (This is a rock song.) Loud, loud, loud It’s a junkie dream, makes you so uptight Yeah it’s halloween tonight and every night See you scratch your skin Your sandpaper throat You’re a symphony, man, with one fucking note Charlie beat you up week after week And when you grow up you’re […]

I’m sensitive you know [Hook] Get out my bubble If you ain’t popping like I am Bitch you ain’t popping like I am Bitches ain’t popping like I am If you ain’t popping (x8) No one wants to be me! Mwah, I drew us [Sample] We were playing the Powerpuff Girls and Buttercup was a […]

[Intro] Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up Yeah, yeah [Chorus] All I took was one shot, it was a head shot, nigga Still on the block, one in the head to my brand new Glock, nigga Ain’t worried ’bout no opp, nigga, them niggas pussy, they ain’t no killers I keep the chopper with a […]

My gun don’t make noise, I call for compression Soft like ranch dressing, I’m fly like the Jetsons You went to jail and you made a confession Ooh, you told (yeah) Why would you tell on your bros? (Huh) We at- we at your door like Jehov’ (word) Strap your legs up, tie ’em up […]