July 2018

[Intro: Jon Bellion] Beautiful Mind, mind Oh, mind Yeah, how you doin’ this evenin’? Good Was your man drivin’ you crazy? Yeah, Beautiful Mind lookin’ for somebody to move with And, baby girl, I think the shoe fits She said she likes a little soul in her music Well, baby, did you know that I […]

Treat you like a baby, you can’t come in here Oh my dear, now his favorite bitch is singin’ in my ear Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle, goes her chandelier, we over here Talkin about how you just simply don’t compare, you bitch [Verse 4: Bones] (what?) SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ kickin’ through the door, we back in this bitch […]

[Verse 1] It’s 4AM, I don’t know where to go Everywhere is closed, I should just go home, yeah My feet are taking me to your front door I know I shouldn’t though, heaven only knows that Oh, the side effect to my loneliness is you [Chorus 1] Oh, you’re all that I want No […]

Nice guy Rockstar status, in the cut, with some Molly missin’ And you know that they dirty dancin’ for the dope She said she gon’ suck me up until the bitch choke Bitch I’m Danny Phantom, with the ghost Pull up in a Phantom, like a ghost, right Young rich, handsome, did the most, huh […]

[Intro] I can’t find real luv Yeah Yeahhh Real luv [Verse 1] It was something about your eyes when I met you Yeah I swear I caught a vibe when I met you Yeah I swear I fell in love when I text you Cause they way you fucking talk was intellectual Member all the […]

[Intro: David Banner] D.A got that dope Cum girl, I’m tryna get your pussy wet Cum girl, I’m tryna get your pussy wet [Verse 1: Tyga & David Banner] Okay, so high and I’m lookin’ at my Rollie time Fucked her once gotta call her for the seventh time So sincere but don’t get out […]

[Chorus] I got a bag I love to flex aye I am the man, I run through checks aye And I be cruising in a Lex aye You know I’m better than the rest aye I got a bag I love to flex aye I am the man, I run through checks aye And I […]

That’s where you from, nigga So rep where you from, nigga, wherever you at, nigga Yeah, yeah, check it, check it [Verse Three: Malice & Pusha T] 95-South, homie, tell ‘em I’m en route And I ain’t fronting nothing neither, that ain’t what I’m ‘bout No doubt; from Virginia, where the drought never touch us […]

[Hook] We up they falling we balling God damn we up Stop calling stop stalking We know we up [Verse 1] We at the top now We riding foreign and shit so let the top down She wanna top now told her bitch not now I ain’t got time for shit we geting gwuap now […]

What’s the use? [Chorus] You can love it, you can leave it And say you’re nothing without it Don’t let them keep you down What if I don’t need it? There’s something about it That just freaks me out I just want another minute with it, f*ck up little, what’s the use? Never superficial you […]

[Intro: Fat Joe] It’s like Déjà vu Ladies love cool Dre Crack! Two Birkins in the drop Verdicts out, yeah I put it in her mouth Fat ass, slim waist, thick lips, no face, no case so they can’t say sh*t Yeah she did it yeah she did it on the floor, on the sink, […]

I’m telling you, eventually, they’re gonna catch up to your game You’re running out of time! What exactly are you trying to hide, Mr. We gotta go and figure it out I ain’t tryna tell you that this life isn’t it And I just wanna be the rightest I could be Show my son to […]

I live in her Gucci, I be in the pussy, and [?] feel like I’m Floyd [Interlude] Uh, uhh, uhh [Japanese clip plays] Uh, uhh, uhh [Chorus] Didn’t trust broad from the beginning Don’t fuck with none of these women I done fucked all of these women If the pussy ain’t wet, then I’m just […]

[Verse 1: Brennan Savage] It’s so hard to sleep alone In my bed when you’re away home When I shut my eyes It made my mind erase the time I waste It’s quiet in the night time I can hear your voice inside my head Screaming in my dreams to stay alive but you shot […]

I needed a way out I needed to figure how To keep get you here with me Maybe you are my dream [Chorus] So please, New York Mend my broken heart tonight Cause I left the one I love So please, New York Mend my broken heart tonight Cause I left the one I love […]