June 2018

Girl you ain’t fuckin’ what you here for? Biatch! [Verse 2: Problem] Baby it’s fuck day, who wanna bang? [Chorus: Wiz Khalifa & Problem] Up in this bitch and we all faded Fuck ’bout a bitch, no we don’t save her Nothin’ to a boss, do my own thing It’s money over hoes, no I’m […]

Verse 1: I held you down for the longest And I was here after all your darkest moments Feels just like yesterday when we were homeless Got you some bread, then start treatin’ me bogus Talking ’bout you wanted something new? No I guess not, I guess not Cause you let them thot’s take my […]

Talk, talk, talk to me they just wanna see some But when you need some, everybody leave ya I got a few down for me in this scene bruh Any else prolly turn it to a scene yuh I got Weed nugs All up in my seat I don’t need lungs We spun Every single […]

It’s getting late and I can’t take The way you pick apart my brain and I can’t take that you Were never mine in the first place Mine in the first and if there’s one thing I could take I’d take your breath away I’ve never asked you to change I’ve never asked you to […]

is telling me Moving out too late, [??] Never wanna waste, whipping on your waist I don’t wanna face, probably you should make time Probably you should make time Probably you should make time Break me up and put me out Don’t got time to let you down You say I’ll be good for now […]

[Dance& EDM] CHORUS: I don’t wanna stand in this crowded place Both feet on the ground looking up in space Wishing that I might be found, Doin’ my sound, pick me up somehow I feel like I’ve been losing myself Waiting on someone else to call me Excuses I’ve been runnin’ through To get away […]

Feels like I can’t read your mind You’re on your way now Things we’re gonna try in due time Before your way out No, don’t keep me waiting too much ‘Cause you feel for this fire Baby, if love is the game You’re my only empire Dance, you’re doing great This game ain’t fair ‘Cause […]

I try to keep my secrets, but I must admit Sometimes I drink my feelings, so I can let you in Memories bleeding, when you touch my skin Then you’re back again, oooh And if I never, ever called It’s because I hated goodbyes, you know Then I never, ever called Because I didn’t wanna […]

Crazy, I was crazy to forget if I hold you tighter You’d just slip away But the pages of the book, The ones I thought you took is still there I know I’ll be okay ‘Cause I don’t need to say that I’m sorry Yes, I know I’ve changed but I know I can find […]

[Electronic music] Paper trails are soaking in my bathroom I don’t know which way they’d like to go I feel that I’m slipping to the dark side I’m fighting for a cause that I don’t know I’m nervous when I’m sitting in the front seat Go too fast, I have nowhere to hide We’re so […]

[Verse 1: Patrick Stump] I was just an only child of the universe And then I found you, and then I found you You are the sun and I am just the planets Spinning around you, spinning around you You were too good to be true, gold plated But what’s inside you? But what’s inside […]

[Chorus] Oh You look like you’re so damn scared I don’t really think you care You know, you know that our time is through “It’s over when I leave,” you said, “we’re never gonna meet again” You played your game, it was all for you [Post-Chorus] Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh It’s all for you [Verse […]

[Intro] Mmm, ah [Verse 1] Stay right there, get away I need space, I told you yesterday “Slow the pace down,” but then I see your face Can we do that tomorrow? (Can we do that tomorrow?) ‘Cause now you’re moving in on my skin I move back with my lips It goes against my […]

(R.I.P.) I’m in that foreign, that’s like 60 G’s (that’s like 60 G’s) R.I.P., R.I.-R.I.P. (R.I.P.) Don’t pay these bitches, she gon’ fuck for free (she gon’ fuck for free) R.I.P., R.I.-R.I.P. (R.I.P.) I’m in that foreign, that’s like 60 G’s (that’s like 60 G’s) R.I.P., R.I.-R.I.P. (R.I.P.) Dead prezis, I’m on a killin’ spree […]

[Intro] Chopsquad [Chorus] I ain’t gone play with you niggas I ain’t gone play with you niggas I’m not gone play with you niggas Ain’t finna play with you niggas You know the niggas that’s dyin’ I know the niggas that did it I know the niggas that solid You know the niggas that’s snitchin’ […]