May 2018

It wasn’t so long ago That I found out How much, I love you Of all the things to say, I ignored the signs I held you in my arms, oh I would’ve wanted to save the time I try to think of every way I can make you feel the way I do But […]

[Intro] [Verse 1: Shaun Frank & Martina Sorbara] I wanna go where you go Blowing your smoke out the window Float away back to those Tokyo nights You keep me up wide awake We fall asleep on the floor in old sheets and Champagne And I wanna fall like snowfall Just to melt on your […]

[Verse 1] Out on Route 66, way back in the sticks Out on the old Chisolm trail Just east of El Reno next to Ted’s Escondido Sat the old Lucky Diamond Motel Lucille and Madonna slinging cheese enchiladas Chain smoking non-filtered Pall Malls Old men shooting pool and cussing like fools The old Lucky Diamond […]

Just for a start… I can feel your smile Right in my heart Time is calling name by name Come back to me Enchanted by the sound The souls swirl around and around Time is calling name by name Come back to me Enchanted by the sound My soul bursts into flames Rain keeps falling […]

[Verse 1] They say she the Devil Knew it as soon as I met her She’d try to get to me, I’d try not to let her I tried to be good to her but I knew better I never considered it, I was just into it Fuck intuition, cause I’m on a mission Was […]

I’ve felt better I’ve been up all night I can feel it coming The morning Light The air is so cold here It’s so hard to breathe We better take cover Will You cover Me? Way up here with the Northern lights Beyond you and me I dreamt of Us in another life One We’ve […]

You’ve been kept down You’ve been pushed ’round You’ve been lied to You’ve been fed truths Who’s making your decisions? Come on people You’re letting me down You’ve been pissed on For too long Your rights abused Your views refused They manipulate and threaten With terroras a weapon Scare you till you’re stupefied Wear you […]

I think I’m still turning out [Verse 2] In my mind I thought the birds would sing and sparks would fly But it’s just quiet Am I cruel Or am I ignorant or was I fooled By the stories I knew [Pre-Chorus] Am I ready for love Or maybe just a best friend Should there […]

Feelin’ sorry’s never really been my struggle Pickin’ up the pieces, siftin’ through the rubble Ringin’ in the new year, listenin’ to the double [Pre-Chorus] Are we outside the safe spaces of love? (so cold, so cold) Are we outside in space? You freeze me with that look when I go undercover Readin’ me my […]

It’s Friday night and I have nothing to do I’m looking at the vodka it’s calling my name I think I just have to drown myself Nobody cares I’ll start with one shot to see if it will take me there The sound of tick tock tick tock from the clock Echoed in the dark […]

We are not there yet Where we need to be We are still in debt To our insanities We’re going backwards Turning back our history Going backwards Piling on the misery We can track in all the satellites Seeing all in plain sight Watch men die in real time But we have nothing inside We […]

Sora ga aokute kanashiku naru Hana ga kirei de setsunaku naru Itsu kara darou sonna fuu ni Omoete shimau no wa Naze nan darou Ima made boku wa doko ni ita no Kore kara boku wa doko e yuku no Toikakeru you ni koboshita kotoba Haku iki wa shiroku sora no kanata e Kono hiroi […]

[Verse 1] I, I tried so hard for you, my love I swear I didn’t know it I, I tried so hard for you, my love And still you didn’t know it I, I tried so hard for you, my love And still you didn’t know it I, I tried so hard for you, my […]

[Verse] I want to give you all my love And you say child that will always be enough When I want to bury how I feel You say child let your heart begin to heal [Pre-Chorus] Wherever I go, you find me You’re already there And I know darkness is nothing [Chorus] I will stay […]

Could roses bloom? [Verse 1] Help, I lost myself again But I remember you Don’t come back, it won’t end well But I wish you’d tell me too [Chorus] Our love is six feet under I can’t help but wonder If our grave was watered by the rain Would roses bloom? [Verse 2] Retrace my […]