May 2018

[Chorus] Give me reasons we should be complete You should be with him, I can’t compete You looked at me like I was someone else, -one else Can’t you see? [Refrain] I don’t wanna slow dance (I don’t want to slow dance) In the dark, dark In the dark, dark [Chorus] Give me reasons we […]

niggas know [Verse 1: Lil Bibby] Bitch, I’m next, I’m way better than the rest Only 17, but I’m flowing like a vet MVP so you know that I’m the best And I never had shit so you know I’m gon’ flex I’m next, believe that A blind man can even see that Killing tracks, […]

We can talk for hours and I’ll see you come to me No harm when you’re lonely In the middle of the night I’ll fall into you Your arms, into your arms [Chorus] Every day I feel alone, but then I guess you’ll never know And there are more stunts I’m gonna take because the […]

The Radio’s saying “Take a walk on the wild Side. ” And it’s got me feeling like… [Chorus 1] Go wide open it’s a pedal down kind of a thing. A Sea of emotion raining all over me Give me that heart and that soul American rock ‘n roll [Verse 3] Midnight riding in my […]

Oh, it feels like ages though you say it’s only days There ain’t language for the things I’ve seen, yeah Yeah, the truth is stranger than my own worst dreams The truth is stranger than all my dreams Holy darkness got a hold on me [Chorus] I have seen what the darkness does (Say goodbye […]

[Verse 1] Lonely road, where will you go Searching for something I don’t know I screamed out and someone listened I saw a light out in the distance [Pre-Chorus] I’ve been out here searching All my bridges burnin’ Kept my heart a virgin for you [Chorus] You are my discovery Everything I’ll ever need You […]

[Verse 1] Diamonds in the dust That is all we are Some of us give up Some dream of the stars [Pre-Chorus] There’s a change in the wind that’s blowing And I’ve still got blood in my heart Though we might not know where we’re going I promise we’ll never be apart [Chorus] Just pick […]

[Verse 1] We head out round nine gonna try and Slip in somewhere nice and quiet Baby – hide in the low light booth in the back But all that changes real fast [Pre Chorus] When her song starts playing She stands up she’s swaying And I can’t blame em all for watching She’s on […]

[Verse 1] High on diesel and gasoline, Psycho for drum machine Shaking their bits to the hits Drag acts, drugs and suicides In your dad’s suits you hide Staining his name again Cracked up, shacked up, 22 Psycho for sex and glue Lost it Bostick, yeah Shaved heads, raves heads, on the pill Got too […]

Not at all [Chorus 2] Workers, authors Poets, stoppers Power resembled If we are assembled [Outro] Only through those who stay awake can an institution be dismantled It is dishonest, nay, a sin to stand for any anthem that attempts to drown out the roar of oppression Hesse Total Football Twombly Total Football Tzara Total […]

[Verse 4] Attention rocket ship Protected on a wave I wish I was the future I kiss you in the past I’m comin’ for you someday As faithful as a mummy You rock me like a pharoah Hermaphrodite in style You crash upon a star… You crash upon a star… You crash upon a star… […]

I love you a lot; Oh! But the world is a mess, Oh! [Bridge] Suffer not the child among you or shall you die young when the world’s come and gone Suffer not the child among you or shall you die young when the world’s come and gone I tried my best I tried in […]

(feat. Soda screwed up, the right stuff Purple rain, love, I like mud Big mo, po’d up, no scrub I’m the president of the drank club Pharmacist’s line, want new plug Dimepiece wanna rub my nut Strapped with a rubber, no glove, no love Take her to the bathtub, then undress Pour codeine all over […]

(feat. T-Pain) [Intro: T-Pain and blackbear] Yeah yeah I’m only down, I’m only down for you Yeah yeah I’m only down, I’m only down for you, oh Oh, yeah Oh, yeah yeah yeah Don’t make a sound, don’t make a sound, girl [Verse 1: blackbear] Yeah, I’m only down, I’m only down for you Tellin’ […]