May 2018

[Irene/All] Ppalgan mat gunggeumhae Honey Kkaemulmyeon jeomjeom nogadeun seuteuroberi geu mat [Seulgi/All] Koneo kaendi syap chaja bwa Baby Naega jeil johahaneun geon yeoreum geu mat [Joy] Yajanamu geuneul arae jolgo sipgo Tteugeoun yeoreumbamui barameun bulgo [Wendy] Neomu swipge sarang ppajyeo beoril naintin [Yeri] Urin jebeop eoulligo tto meotjyeo [Wendy] Joha cheotnune banhae beorin Nega jakkuman […]

The sound of A is in the air The sound of A is everywhere With the sound of a gun And you run Yeah, yeah, yeah The sound of A is all around The sound of A is underground It will creep into your bone When you’re alone Yeah, yeah, yeah Meaningless noise is everybody’s […]

Well giving up to death, terror and hate Feeling full of meth, I just can’t wait Give the rats what they want Give the rats what they want Open the cage, give the rats what they want Oh, give me my cheese, the grill and the ride Some bling and some sex and they glow […]

I know tomorrow’s not today I’m on my knees but not to pray I feel what’s real just slip away I hope you like my, I hope you love my I hope you see my private public breakdown The secret service I make them nervous I watch the traffic passing by I’m pretty sure that […]

I’m condemned to the long endless night And I live in the absense of light And my shadow has a life of its own Watching you while you sleep all alone When the night is all cool, skin and bones And you lie wrapped in sheets on your own There’s a ring on your dead […]

Everybody’s got something hiding in the back of their mind Everybody’s got something up their sleeve, yeah Everybody’s got tangled wired tight as they can wind And all of them trying to strangle me, yeah I’m smelling a conspiracy Telling lies about me constantly They follow me, I see them there, don’t they know That […]

I got a dot path and a walking cane I got a black cat on a golden chain I got a white shirt with a bloody stain Going to the river of love She got long hair And big brown eyes She belongs there, it was no surprise Nothing wrong there, she made me realize […]

I do my hair, I paint my nails It pours outside, it never fails So the makeup runs, down my pretty face I’m a muddy mess, a mac disgrace But when I leave this room tonight I’m gonna look and feel alright ‘Cause my mama says the world’s an oyster And I’m the pearl I’m […]

On a dark, desert night Look into the sky, something ain’t right A fireball, red and grey People start to look, frozen in fear A man grabs a woman, draws her near They fall to their knees and pray All mighty God… Is it today? Fireball, in the sky Fireball, in the sky Hey, little […]

Get up Fallen in love And I can’t get up Fallen in love My baby’s love is hard, my baby’s love is tough If I were anybody else I’d o’ had enough ‘Cause she treats me like a dawg, not a cute little pup But I’ve fallen in love and I can’t get up! S. […]

Yeah, life is just a party, man, we’re looking for a thrill We got rock ‘n’ roll and Detroit soul and plenty of blood to spill My life is cruisin’ with my band man in my tricked out Cadillac We’re always looking death right in the eye and never looking back See the night is […]

Please, watch your step, dear The world is out to beat you Don’t you know there’s cannibals Designed to kill and eat you You sister’s high on angel dust And so’s your porno brother And your phone know’s more about you Than your daddy or your mother They’ll drive you to the edge And they’ll […]

One, two, three, four We’re burnin’ down your city The message has been sent Angels without pity We hold you in contempt And this is how it all ends For you and all of your friends It’s righteous conflagration It’s our way of payin’ you back For plunderin’ our nation Paintin’ heaven black So this […]

Cause I don’t wanna wait no more And I’m the only soldier in this lonely world And I don’t wanna fight myself no more [Chorus] Maybe I was meant to run (maybe I was meant to run) Maybe I was born to bleed (maybe I was born to bleed) I don’t know who I’lll become […]

Puff Now they all wanna fuck with us, and these girls fall in love with us Like no, no, no, no, no I gotta let you go, go, go, go, go, for real [Intro] Ayy, ayy This that shit like This that shit like where you just talk your shit like… haha Go ‘head O […]