Fans continue to show support at Hedley concert in Kitchener

“I feel bad with what’s going on with them and if it actually is true, I’ll feel even worse, but I don’t believe half of it so I bought tickets in support.”
Cities across southwestern Ontario have cancelled Hedley shows since allegations of sexual misconduct against main singer, Jacob Hoggard, surfaced. 

Full house #Kitchener for bad boy Jacob #Hedley #CagelessTour—

The City of Kitchener told CBC News it has been monitoring the situation over the past weeks. I no longer feel comfortable supporting them. I bought my tickets through Ticketstoday and i have already contacted them. it just ended and I already want to go again ❤❤ @Hedleyonline @JacobHoggard @daverosin @TommyMac1 #ISTANDWITHHEDLEY—

“I believe in Canada, we should be innocent until proven guilty,” said another concert-goer, whose first Hedley concert was Saturday and bought tickets to support the band. Concert-goers who no longer wanted to attend the show were able to get a refund for their tickets. 

Hey @Centre_Square who do I contact about possible refunds for Hedley at Kitchener Aud? However, a contract with Live Nation meant the Hedley concert must go on for Saturday. Would it be best to talk to you guys or where I bought the tix from?—
@MikaylaP94 Hedley concert at Kitchener’s Aud still on, refunds possible
‘It is disgusting’: Kitchener woman wants Hedley concert cancelled

“I’m sticking with them until proven guilty,” said one teen fan, who has been to three Hedley concerts in the past. 

AMAZING HEDLEY SHOW IN KITCHENER!!!! Hedley fans made their way to The Aud arena in Kitchener Saturday to watch the band perform before the members step down at the end of their tour. Despite calls to cancel the Kitchener concert, the band still put on a show and fans continue to show their support.