Citadel Theatre apologizes to artists, staff after allegations of workplace harassment

“The Citadel belongs to everyone.”

Citadel Theatre apologizes for cancelling Jordan Peterson’s rental request Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre issued an apology Tuesday for any harassment artists and staff endured after several allegations were brought forward. The code of conduct was reviewed and a “dialogue process” was brought in to allow artists to share their stories about the work environment. The Citadel will host a community event on May 14 “to acknowledge the past and to plan together for a save and inclusive future” at the theatre. (Citadel Theatre)

The Citadel has introduced a safe disclosure process for anyone who wants to bring a report of harassment forward with Wade King, a human rights and disclosure adviser, managing the process. “It’s become a really big part of my job to really make people feel like everyone belongs at the Citadel,” Cloran said Tuesday. An Important Message from the Citadel Theatre. #yegtheatre—

Cloran said he was made aware of  “several allegations of harassment” when he first arrived at the theatre 18 months ago. “The Citadel won’t stand for harassment of any kind.”
Cloran said he only now made the letter public because he wanted to consult with the Edmonton community on how best to approach and reclaim the Citadel as a safe space. In an interview with CBC News, Cloran said he was both surprised and disappointed when he heard the allegations and has since working to make the theatre an inclusive space. In a letter posted to the theatre’s website, artistic director Daryl Cloran apologized for the “negative workplace for artists and staff.”
“We are truly sorry for any harassment that has been a part of the Citadel’s past, and we give our word that anyone who engages in bullying or harassment will not be permitted to work at the Citadel,” Cloran said in the letter. The board and management “moved quickly” to act on the allegations, he said. “It is of primary importance to us that our building be a welcoming space and a place where artists feel safe to take risks,” Cloran said in the letter. In conversations with the arts community, Cloran said the theatre will try to “reclaim the Citadel space as a welcoming, positive place to create art.”

In the letter, Daryl Cloran said the Citadel will try to reclaim the space as safe for everyone.