YouTube restores ads to Logan Paul’s channels

It removed the vlogger’s channel from its premium advertising program and put at least two acting projects with him on hold. YouTube star Logan Paul resurfaces with anti-suicide video

YouTube pares back Logan Paul partnership after suicide video post

YouTube said in January the video violated its community guidelines. His video will also not appear in notifications for those who aren’t already subscribers to his channels. YouTube cuts off Logan Paul’s advertising revenue over ‘pattern of behaviour’

YouTube pulls ads from more channels over offensive content

Paul’s channels are still ineligible for Google Preferred, and are still under a 90-day probation period where his channels will not appear in YouTube’s Trending tab. YouTube says it has re-enabled ads on controversial American video blogger Logan Paul’s channels on its site. Paul briefly stepped away from making daily posts and returned Jan. 24 with an anti-suicide video in which he said he was humbled by the criticism and promised to be more compassionate and to “start a new chapter” in his life.‚Äč

With files from The Associated Press Intense criticism over suicide video
The site’s decision to re-enable the ads comes after it said earlier this month it had temporarily suspended advertisements because of his “recent pattern of behaviour.”
The 22-year-old drew intense criticism after posting a video Dec. 31 of what appeared to be a body hanging from a tree in a known suicide spot near Japan’s Mount Fuji. A YouTube spokesperson confirmed the decision to CBC News on Tuesday and added that Paul and his team said they have reviewed and understand the site’s community guidelines and advertiser-friendly guidelines.