Vision of LOVE: famous Philadelphia sculpture returns to park setting

Deborah Rickards, who teaches third grade at nearby Friends Select School, brought her class over to see the statue’s return. She played the Beatles All You Need is Love on her iPhone and sang along with her new pal Caitlin Night, who swung by take photos of what she called “the symbol of our city.”

‘The city seemed empty without it.’
– Susan Murphy

“This is what we are known for, and it’s wonderful to have the LOVE back,” Murphy said. The perennial tourist attraction and engagement photo backdrop looks a bit different. “It’s a really big part of Philadelphia.”

© The Associated Press, 2018 It’s been repainted to the original colors of red, green and purple that the artist originally used. (Jacqueline Larma/Associated Press)

Susan Murphy had the day off from work and came to the park to see the sculpture reinstalled. “I missed it,” she said. It was taken out of view a year ago for repairs ahead of the park’s reopening. At some point over the decades, the purple had been repainted blue. The famous 1976 Robert Indiana sculpture returned to its namesake park Tuesday after making a number of stops in a parade around Philadelphia before the reinstallation. “The city seemed empty without it.”
The sculpture was temporarily installed at nearby City Hall in 2016 while Love Park was going through a renovation. School children cheered and those gathered spontaneously sang the fight song for the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles as a forklift placed the sculpture atop a pedestal. LOVE is back in Philadelphia, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The sculpture was removed for repairs while its downtown park home was undergoing a renovation. Student Caroline DeFalco said she thinks the statue is one of the city’s best. “We consider the city to be part of our campus and all of these kids know the LOVE statue,” she said.