February 2018

“The great thing about the digital revolution for us is that we can do more of it ourselves,” Tilby said. “Without need for a crew.” Among their films is Wild Life, a 13-minute long 2012 short about a British man who tries out ranching in Alberta, which was nominated for an Oscar. “I thought wow, […]

Columnist Jesse Wente on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, in Toronto in 2016. The purpose of the Indigenous Screen Office is to support the development, production and marketing of Indigenous screen content and storytelling in Canada. Wente, who is Ojibwe from the Serpent River First Nation in Ontario, has worked as a culture columnist with CBC Radio since 1996. […]

White, a 30-year-old make-up artist originally from Ireland, died in September 2015 at her Los Angeles-area home. They accuse the actor of providing the prescription drugs, obtained under an alias, responsible for White’s death.  Newmarket, Ont.-born Carrey, who became a dual U.S.-Canadian citizen in 2004, denied the allegations against him and filed a countersuit claiming their lawsuits were an attempt to […]

Quarterly sales ballooned to nearly ¥483 billion, up from ¥174 billion the previous year, on the success of its Switch, a hybrid that can be played both as a home console as well as a handheld. They did not give other details, including the release date. Mario is getting together with the Minions. Press reset: […]

Netflix said they’ll play siblings in the show’s sixth season, which resumed production Wednesday. (Nathaniel E. Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear are joining House of Cards for the political thriller’s final season. Bell/Netflix/Associated Press) Robin Wright, who co-stars as Claire Underwood, wife of Spacey’s character Francis Underwood, will be the focus of the final season. A representative […]