Former top judge Beverley McLachlin to become published novelist in May

She may be hanging up her robes, but Beverley McLachlin isn’t leaving the courtroom behind. Although McLachlin retired from the high court last month, she will continue to have input into judgments on cases she has heard, as long as they are released by June 15. In the potboiler, tough-as-nails Jilly Truitt agrees to defend “affluent and enigmatic” Vincent Trussardi despite concerns the case is a sure loser and warnings to stay away from his family. Word emerged last year that the publisher would release McLachlin’s first book, but there were few details. 

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In a statement today, McLachlin says the tale of lawyers, private eyes and informants grew out of her lifelong experience with the criminal justice system, which includes 28 years on the Supreme Court. A legal thriller by the recently retired chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada will be published May 1. 

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Simon & Schuster Canada says the debut novel, entitled Full Disclosure, is about a defence attorney who tries to unravel a web of secrets around the murder of a wealthy man’s wife. © The Canadian Press, 2018