Céline Dion cancels another concert due to ‘doctor’s orders’

Céline Dion has cancelled another Las Vegas concert due to “doctor’s orders.”
According to a statement on Dion’s Facebook page, she missed Tuesday night’s show at the Colosseum because she was “recovering from inflammation of the throat” and was ordered “to take one more day of rest in order to fully recover.” 
The statement added that Dion should be able to return to the stage for her next scheduled concert on Friday. Dion’s show the previous Friday evening made headlines when a female fan, who appeared to be inebriated, somehow eluded security and made it on stage. The Quebec superstar made a similar announcement Saturday, when she cancelled a show that day because she was “not feeling well.” She said at the time that she expected to be better by Tuesday. © The Canadian Press, 2018 And I want to say, ‘Thank you,’ to all of you because for maybe five minutes we had given this lady a moment to talk,” Dion then said, before thanking her security guards. Céline Dion is a model of Canadian kindness when a drunk fan rushes the stage: watch

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Dion calmly told the woman: “I’m glad you came up onstage tonight, I’m glad you just wanted to come closer to me,” before being vigorously embraced by the fan. 
The crooner waved off security guards and let the fan have another minute on stage before she was walked off. “Some people go through a lot, and some people need to talk.