B.C. broadcasting giant Rafe Mair dead at 85

He knew his audience was smart and could handle it.”
A trained lawyer, Mair entered politics in 1975 when he was elected MLA for Kamloops as a member of the B.C. “He never shied away from complex issues. He served under Premier Bill Bennett in various cabinet posts until 1983, and was the British Columbian minister responsible for constitutional affairs during the lead up the the patriation of the Canadian Constitution. His family told CBC he died on Monday morning. Social Credit Party. He received numerous awards, including the 1995 Michener Award for courageous journalism and the 2003 Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award. He was most passionate when talking and writing about the environment, politics and constitutional issues. Rafe Mair retires from radio

Rafe Mair retires3:11

“He cared about this province so much,” said Shiral Tobin, who produced the Rafe Mair show on CKNW and AM 600. Mair left politics and moved into broadcasting in the early ’80s. RIP Rafe Mair 1931-2017—

He was inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame in 2005. broadcaster and former Social Credit cabinet minister Rafe Mair has passed away at age 85. Longtime B.C. It’s believed Mair had been in ill health and had recently suffered a bad fall. He is survived by his wife Wendy Conway Mair, five children and stepchildren, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. A former political panelist on CBC’s The Early Edition and CKNW radio host, Mair was best known for his provocative style.