Video game industry mourns Winnipeg-born ‘rock star’ designer

“You’ve gotta realize that they have these huge open forums that fans can come in of different games and ask them questions about games. Showing an early talent for art, Gaspur went to Vancouver Film School and specialized in video game design. Several video gaming magazines, as well as Rolling Stone, marked Gaspur’s passing. “They’re like rock stars there,” his father said. He died accidentally in Edmonton on July 28, his father said. Most recently, he was the lead designer on the hotly anticipated Anthem, his father said. Gaspur showed an interest in tinkering with games at a young age, his father said. It’s unbelievable what that kid can play on his DS and stuff like that.”
Gaspur also leaves behind his mother, Kelly. It’s unbelievable the status that they carry.”
Despite the acclaim, Gaspur’s father said his son remained grounded. at Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Roblin Boulevard. Over nearly a decade at Edmonton-based BioWare, he worked as a designer on popular and critically acclaimed titles such as Mass Effect 2 and 3, and Dragon Age: Origins. He was 33. Gaspur and his team often travelled to video game conventions. Corey Gaspur was about three years old when his parents bought him his first gaming system. Gaspur’s father introduced him, as well as his brother and sister, to movies and art at a young age. It’s such a short life, right?” his father said. He was always very humble.”
‚ÄčApart from gaming, Gaspur’s father said he was “devoted” to his his wife, Laura, and son, Cain. A celebration of his life will be held Saturday at 11 a.m. “He was getting groomed to be a video genius as well. His father said it was Gaspur’s “tenacity” that led him to a job at BioWare. I couldn’t imagine what he would have done in 30 years from now. “We kind of laugh about it. He never says him, he always said his team. “He was just an all around really gifted individual. “His team. He was always taking board games that we had, like Monopoly or whatever, and he would just change them around to his own game and he would play that with the kids,” his father said. “His passion was always video games,” said David Gaspur, his father. Mass Effect 2 wins big at Canadian gaming awards

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The company announced his death in a blog post. Cain, who turns four this month, has already shown an interest in video games. “This would have been one of his biggest games.”
Gaspur was born in Winnipeg in 1983. That Nintendo, with Super Mario, set him down a path to working on some of the video game industry’s biggest titles. “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and colleague Corey Gaspur.”

Corey Gaspur worked as a designer on the game Mass Effect 3.